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Being a Mum can be stressful, why not eliminate one of these stresses and sign up for a clothing rental subscription? Oh and you’ll also help to save the planet. Here are 6 baby and toddler clothing rental companies you’ll love.

by Lucy Kebbell, Founder

Babies are wasteful. There I said it. I love my baby but he gets through an extraordinary amount of nappies, food, clothing and toys. When I became a parent, I vowed I would continue to live as sustainably as possible. So I was thrilled to discover that the UK has a lot to offer in terms of baby clothing rental. Not so much for expectant mothers though but thats a rant for another time.

Hand Me Downs For The Future

Historically children’s clothing was made to last. My Nonna used to tell stories of having just two pairs of shoes, both were owned by her older sister before being passed down to my Nonna. Nowadays, baby clothing can be purchased in bulk for very low prices, because let’s face it, babies grow so quickly it isn’t worth spending a lot of money on quality. And many things certainly aren’t made to a good enough standard to pass down to more than one child. 

Rental Subscriptions I Loved

However, rental services are gaining popularity thanks to a new generation of parents who cannot fathom buying 6 Primark baby grows for £3.50 only to chuck them in the bin a month later. Having tried a few of the below options, I am a transformed woman. Not only does subscribing to a service save time shopping for new clothes, it saves money and the environment. After all, we currently have enough clothing on the planet to clothe the next 6 generations of the human race! With a rental subscription, I can rest easy knowing that when my little one grows out of his clothes, I simply bag them up to return. The next size up is already on it’s way to me. Convenience that is also earth friendly? Yes please!

Baby & Toddler Clothing Rental Subscriptions

The Vendeur Recommends

Graceful Changes*

Buying organic cotton or ethically made baby clothing can be expensive. I don’t know many mothers who have the budget to buy what they really want for their baby because lets face it, organic cotton is so much better for their skin. Graceful Changes makes the decision an easy one because thats all they stock. I loved the range of brands available, including; Toby Tiger, Frugi and Kite. Everything was fun and colourful, with a great mix of gendered and unisex pieces catering from newborn to 3 years old. Once I had worked out how to use the interface, I enjoyed selecting the pieces and was overjoyed when they turned up in a gorgeous reusable carrier bag, addressed to my baby personally.

Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental Graceful Changes
Bundlee Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental


If you favour an easy, casual wardrobe for your baby then I couldn’t rate Bundlee highly enough. Founder Eve Kekeh developed the brand to address the shocking issue of baby clothing ending up in landfill. All of the pieces are designed by Eve and made in house, using only hard wearing but soft cotton. You can choose from boys, girls or unisex and request or return a bundle pretty much anytime. Each bundle of 15 items is chosen for you which is a bonus if you don’t want the hassle of choosing yourself. The pieces are simple and easy to mix and match with my babies current wardrobe. The service is incredibly easy to use and Eve is happy to help. 

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The Little Loop

After having her second baby, Founder Charlotte realised how lucky she was to have a friend that offered her hand me downs. She also realised however that not everyone can be in this position, so she started The Little Loop. Sizing starts from ages 2-3 years. For the quarterly fee you get credits to spend on items from their collection giving you complete flexibility in what you rent. Plus you can swap items at anytime. They stock great sustainable brands you know like Frugi, Kite and Little Green Radicals. So no matter what your little darling gets up to, they will look stylish, feel comfy and you can relax, knowing that it will be worn again by another child.

Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental The Little Loop
Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental Belles and Babes Sienna Apparel

Belles and Babes

Belles and Babes not only caters to littles ones from newborn to 2 years old, they also offer a selection of maternity wear. Trust me when I say that this makes the transition from pregnancy to motherhood so much simpler. BB only offers organic baby clothes so you are assured that your baby’s delicate skin is being looked after. Their maternity service includes 6 capsule items that can be swapped at any time. After an initial phone conversation in which they learn about your body type and style, they send a specially chosen selection to your door. Ideal if you are busily working and preparing for your babies arrival and don’t have the time to be searching online our traipsing around the shops for yourself.

The Little Rental Co

Featuring a range of organic and ethically made baby clothing, The Little Rental Co is on a mission to help families reduce their waste. They are passionate about organic clothing, as well as reducing our carbon footprint. By reusing baby clothes, we can all help to minimize our impact when we have children. Each bundle consists of 21 pieces, hand picked by the team to meet your needs. They only buy from good quality, organic brands so you can be sure that each item is up to the task.

The Little Rental Company Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental
Baby and Toddler Clothing Rental Arket Child Circos


Swedish retailer Arket has partnered with Circos to offer their adorable baby and childrens range to rent. We love the uber cool, minimal designs Arket offers, but the quality pieces come with a price tag that some parents simply can’t justify. Circos allows you to rent any item you like for as long as you need. Items are rented individually so you can choose exactly what you like and the best size. Like other companies theres no need to worry about damage or stains. They carefully launder everything upon return before it goes out to the next lucky child. 

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