Fashion Crush: Eve Kekeh of Bundlee

Having a baby means buying lots of stuff, or does it? If you are trying to lessen your impact then renting baby clothes for your little one makes perfect sense. The Vendeur Founder and recent first time Mother Lucy Kebbell caught up with Eve Kekeh to learn more.

Anyone who has children will understand the issue of waste and babies clothes. Indeed when I gave birth to my first baby in 2019 my excitement at purchasing cute baby clothes quickly turned to anxiety when the rate of waste involved started stacking up. Babies grow so quickly and before you know it you’re swimming in barely or not at all used clothes. Unbelievably it’s not an issue that’s been tackled until recently. Enter Eve Kekeh Founder of baby clothing rental service Bundlee. A savvy businesswoman, she was quick to pick up on the recent popularity of clothing rental services in the US and decided to bring her own interpretation to the UK. As a new mother I was convinced that she had struck gold. So before Christmas I pinned Eve down for a phone call to discuss her innovative subscription service.

Why Baby Clothes?

While Eve could have followed suit in catering for the women’s market, she instead chose to go with baby clothes. While completing her Masters, Eve spent a year researching the baby rental concept and found that in the UK, none existed. She spoke to hundreds of parents and became obsessed with the idea. ‘I had always wanted to start my own business, but was waiting for the inspiration.’ She found that babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in the first 2 years of their lives. When you consider how many clothes those little accident prone angels go through in a day, it adds up to a lot of wasted garments. Add to this all the thoughtful gifts that new Mothers receive for their buba’s, a lot of these clothes go unused. 183 million items of unused baby clothes are currently taking up space in UK homes. To Eve, this was a problem waiting to be solved by renting and reusing. ‘I don’t think second hand should mean second best,’ she told me. ‘People are seeing the value more, they see it as a way to get good quality clothes.’

‘I don’t think second hand should mean second best. People are seeing the value more, they see it as a way to get good quality clothes.’ – Eve Kekeh

Eve agrees that the stigma of wearing second hand clothes seems to be abating, meaning we can all start making greener choices when it comes to out wardrobes. ‘I find the wearniness around wearing second hand clothes odd,’ she muses. ‘It doesn’t extend to tech for example.’ However Eve agrees that her consumers feel assured by the fact that the clothes they receive have been sanitized and cleaned before they arrive.

How does Bundlee Work?

Bundlee is a subscription service that takes the stress out of buying baby clothes. SIgn up to receive a bundle of 15 ethically made, quality cotton baby pieces. Once your baby has outgrown them, and lets face it, enjoyed the bundle, you can return it all. You’ll then be sent your next bundle in the sizes you need. Not only is the stress taken out of buying clothing, but your automatic subscription means you won’t be caught short trying to dress baby in something too small. (Believe me, it’s an issue for busy Mums.) Bundlee also insure you against inevitable staining and wear and tear. The clothes are professionally cleaned to be enjoyed by another family. Anything that cannot be reused is recycled. Currently all of the clothes are made by Bundlee, this way Eve can ensure the quality of the product. ‘Good quality is important’, she told me. ‘They need to be durable and long lasting.’ 

How Ethical Are Bundlee’s Bundles?

In order to offer the very best product, Eve designs the collections herself in house. The pieces are made in the UK in a women run and owned factory. ‘It’s important to know that the workers are paid and treated fairly,’ Eve enthused. So she’s visited the factory regularly herself to ensure it meets her ethical standards. Babies have super sensitive skin and cannot regulate their own body temperature so the fabrics used for their clothing is crucial. Bundlee only uses breathable cotton, that is Oeko Tex certified. This means that they are free from harmful chemicals. The pieces are also designed to be classic, not trend led. Each Bundlee isn’t just curated for your babies size, it is also season appropriate. Eve wants every baby to get as much wear out of every garment as possible.

What is Bundlee Doing To Help The Planet?

Renting baby clothing helps to save 40,500 litres of water and 105kg of Carbon Dioxide. However while reusing clothing does a lot to help the planet, the carbon footprint created by more couriers and cleaning services needed may inappropriate to some. As a small company, Bundlee wanted to make a good start in this area. Being green was something that Eve addressed seriously. ‘We partnered with a company that offers professional laundry using Ozone washing. This is a process that involves O2 molecules to sanitise the garments,’ she explained to me.

In addition ‘they reuse water and energy within their facilities. The hot water that comes out of the dryers goes into the next load of washing.’ This saves energy as well as water. But how do they arrive at your door? Each bundle comes in a reusable cotton bag, eliminating unnecessary packaging. Currently, deliveries are handled by Royal Mail, but Eve concedes this an area she is still working on. ‘We’re looking into a ways to be carbon neutral.’

At The Vendeur, we love a new and innovative business, so Bundlee has us excited for the future of the baby clothing market. It’s one we urge you support if you can, because we truly believe that it’s not only a green solution but a stress free one. I will personally be trying the service for my little one shortly so will update this article with thoughts on the experience very soon.

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