Natural Clothing Aftercare

What we wash our clothes with, stays with us too. Here are our favourite natural clothing aftercare laundry products to protect your health.

Switching to an eco-friendly laundry detergent is such an easy way to be gentler to your skin and kinder to the environment. Did you know that many laundry detergents use a mix of surfactants (chemicals that help water penetrate the fabric), phosphates, and even potential carcinogens? These harmful chemicals can not only irritate our skin but make their way to our lungs, and even endanger our long-term health. Not to be dramatic, but if you think about it, the residue of these products accompany you 24/7! Your skin is exposed to them anytime you wear your clothes, when you dry off with a towel after a shower, and sleep under your sheets.

We think that choosing natural is the best option for your health, and for the health of the planet. After all, these chemicals are washed into waterways after they leave our washing machines. Natural products will also help you take better care for your clothes and keep them for longer. Plus, with natural products, you know that attention to detail is given to packaging too. Many of the brands featured here use refillable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We have rounded up our favourite aftercare products for softer fabrics, long-lasting protection, and divine scents.

Natural Clothing Aftercare The Lab Co. Cashmere wool laundry mist

The Lab Collective

This non-toxic formula eliminates bad odours for good without the need for harsh chemicals. Washing your woollen items too frequently can impact their fit, feel and lifespan. Often, all your wool needs is a quick refresh and you’re good to go, which is exactly what this laundry mist has been designed for. The Lab Collective have blended warming and comforting cinnamon with balancing myrrh for its relaxing and rejuvenating properties and finished with rich cedarwood for its natural moth repellent benefits.

Cashmere and wo0l laundry mist, £9, The Lab Collective


Kair created this simple, everyday product for effective yet gentle care. This bottle contains up to 20 washes, and it’s expertly formulated to give your clothes the ‘spa treatment’ they deserve. Packed with powerful, plant-based ingredients, it’s also free from harsh chemicals. Plus the bottles make your laundry room look tres chic!

Signature Clothing Wash, £18, Kair

Natural Clothing Aftercare Kair Signature Clothing Wash
Natural Clothing Aftercare Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Silk

Clothes Doctor

Silk is a soft, lustrous and luxurious fabric, yet very delicate. With the proper care, it can last generations. To help retain the wonderful properties of your silk and delicate garments, Clothes Doctor crafted their No. 4 Eco Wash with a special pH nearly neutral formula, which cleanses, refreshes and renews. Beautifully scented with bergamot and sandalwood, this eco-friendly detergent is also animal friendly, being vegan, not tested on animals and free from palm oil too.

Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates, £4.90, Clothes Doctor

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This versatile, odourless, and environmentally friendly formula can be used on pretty much all materials! Wool, linen, leather, cotton, you name it, it protects it. Garment Protector will not alter the look or feel of the material being treated in any way and once applied garments will have an invisible barrier coated on top of the material and protection will last up to 4 months. Perfect to be used on delicate materials giving them that extra bit of protection from everyday accidents.

Garment Protector, £20, Attirecare

Natural Clothing Aftercare Attirecare Garment Protector
Natural Clothing Aftercare Pur Home Oxygen Whitener

Pur Home

This wonder product naturally whitens and treats stains, whilst being free of the traditional nasties found in strain removal products like chlorine. Part of Pur Home’s range of laundry and home cleaners, it’s a great example of the companies dedication to non-toxic cleaning products. They also support local, US based initiatives as well as global ones to brig clean water and ethical treatment of workers to areas that need it most.

Oxygen Whitener, $14, Pur Home

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature 5 litre Laundry Liquid is a super concentrated bulk buy laundry liquid that offers a more sustainable way of reducing waste when washing your clothes. All their eco-friendly refill bottles are recyclable and help save on packaging, with refill stations all around the country. This eco-friendly laundry liquid is made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils, and provides approximately 150 washes.

Aloe Vera and Rosemary Laundry Liquid 5L, £25.99, Faith in Nature

Natural Clothing Aftercare Faith in Nature Laundry Liquid
Natural Clothing Aftercare Kinn Neroli Fabric Conditioner


By choosing to purchase a KINN 5 Litre eco-friendly fabric conditioner refill you will be saving 5 bottles of single-use plastic! Simply refill the bottle you already have, and when you are done with the 5 Litre can, you can either recycle it or send it back. KINN eco-friendly fabric conditioner is safe for the whole family and can be used for both hot and cold washes, thanks to its biodegradable, plant-based natural formula – which smells of beautiful neroli blossom essential oil.

Eco Friendly Fabric Conditioner Neroli, £5.95, Kinn

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