10 Questions for Bad Habits Founder Porscha Hill

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Lets face it, we all have bad fashion habits. One lady looking to unite us in our bad habits and help us take ownership is Porscha Hill, Founder of Bad Habits. We asked her 10 Questions about gender neutral fashion and natural dyes.

Getting dressed is about a mood, not a gender, and yet so many brands class masculine suits or shapeless loungewear as gender neutral. With the fashion industry still catching up to how people really want to dress, Bad Habits is a breath of fresh air. The new brand, designed, created and hand dyed in London, celebrates equality every single day. Designer Porscha Hill has created an elegant collection of pieces that encapsulate the mood of now.

Using her extensive experience in the fashion world, she has developed pieces that work for any gender, and always with a low impact at it’s heart. The pieces are created to be long lasting, using eco friendly materials. Porscha went one step further to really cement the Bad Habit’s identity by using natural dyes. Here she explains how no two garments are the same because of the beautiful, slow use of natural hand dying. Every piece in the collection incorporates Porcha’s core belief that ‘you are perfect, just being your natural self.’ The new ‘Summer Solstice’ Collection builds on the core collection with a selection of accessories and simple shirt and dress. Each looks sun drenched, and the bags are made using cotton offcuts from the core collection.

10 Questions for Bad Habits Founder Porscha Hill Female Founder Black Owned Brand

The Vendeur: Can you tell us about yourself and your creative career before Bad Habits?

Porsche Hill: I’ve had a long journey! I moved here from New York City where I attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). After graduating I dove straight into the fashion industry. I worked in design, development, and production, while overseeing the creative process. When I finally moved to London, I was so excited to see how excited everybody is about sustainability. It was refreshing, and it really gave me the push that I needed with Bad Habits. It not only awakened me, but it inspired me to do so much more. I chose to infuse my own experiences into my brand, prompting me to start a brand with purpose. It is important for me to make a change in the industry, and I believe that once we all start joining forces, we will have a chance to make a difference. I want to make Bad Habits a community where I can learn how to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to everyone. We must start somewhere, so why not break our bad habits together!

10 Questions for Bad Habits Founder Porscha Hill Gender Neutral Green dress and trousers

TV: Why did you decide to do it alone and create such a unique brand?

PH: I started Bad Habits on my own last October due to the deficit within the industry of black owned gender-neutral sustainable brands. I really wanted Bad Habits to be a cut above the other offerings on the market, andI hope that we will continue to see steady growth.

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TV: What was your experience of natural dyes before Bad Habits and what have you learnt through starting the brand?

PH: I have been dyeing fabrics naturally ever since my days at FIT, and I have always found it both meditative and quite cool! When I first started the brand, before I had a studio, I dyed all the garments from my flat. Bad Habits is my Pandemic baby, that has taught me to be both resilient and resourceful in challenging times. 

TV: What are some facts around natural dying that may surprise people? (I.e., the benefits vs synthetic dyes, how they are derived etc.) 

PH: Natural dyes are made from organic ingredients, and each specific plant produces a different color. Depending on how long you dip the fabrics into the dyeing liquid will determine the range of color exposed onto the garment. (image right: Brazil Wood Extract)

TV: What are the environmental benefits of using natural dyes?

PH: Although natural dyeing is more time consuming, it cuts down on carbon emissions considerably, due to the lack of man made chemicals that are used. Putting in the time and effort, to create a more livable planet is what we are all about here at Bad Habits.  

10 Questions for Bad Habits Founder Porscha Hill Natural Brazil Wood Dye

TV: Why did you decide to create a gender-neutral brand?

PH: To be honest, I was a bit frustrated by the lack of gender-neutral options available on the market, and I wanted clothes that would suit my gender non-conforming friends. I think it’s beautiful when people are in touch with both their masculine and feminine sides. I really wanted Bad Habits to accommodate the deficit in the industry for brands like this. I think gender neutrality is something that we will hopefully see much more of going forth in the fashion industry.

10 Questions for Bad Habits Founder Porscha Hill Gender Neutral cotton vest

TV: How does this play into the design, style, and construction of the pieces?

PH: I wanted there to be a sense of androgyny in each piece, and our current collection is void of any gender binary norms. Each piece could easily be worn by men and women alike—badass!

TV: In what other ways is Bad Habits sustainable and eco friendly?

PH: Currently Bad Habits is the only sustainable brand with textiles that are produced, sourced, and dyed here in London. We are really grateful for this statistic, and we believe that this only creates a stronger relationship with our customer.

TV: Tell us about your new collection

PH: The new collection is going to be totally new—so stay tuned!

TV: What are your hopes or plans for the future with Bad Habits?

PH: I really want Bad Habits to expand into more accessories and home… perhaps in the future. It would also be really cool to have an actual shop in East London, where our studio is currently based. Onwards and Upwards!

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