Tips For A Socially Distanced Christmas

Spending the Christmas holidays on your own doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Here are our tips for a socially distanced Christmas.

2020 has been a tough year and one that looks to be rounded of with an equally tough Christmas. With rules being placed on how we spend our Holidays, many are feeling pessimistic about this time of year. One of the most challenging sides of the pandemic has been that many of us have been far from our loved ones. And with infections rates remaining unmoved, it unfortunately makes sense to avoid large gatherings over Christmas.. The safest choice is to spend the celebrations with the people we already live with. Safe for us and for others (especially if you would normally spend this time with people that are in high-risk categories). Here are some helpful tips to help you stay safe, and sane this holiday season. Whatever you’re doing and however you celebrate, prioritising yourself is a must this year.

Christmas Isn’t Cancelled

The Christmas festivities are far from being cancelled! Celebrating alone, virtually or with our support bubble means using some creativity. It also means embracing the fact that what matters is taking care of others, and ourselves. Naturally this will be a less consumer driven  Christmas, forcing us to think outside of the box when it comes to showing people that we love them.

How to have a socially distanced Christmas

Find new traditions

If this year had been a regular one, embarking upon a new way of celebrating Christmas could be intimidating (or confrontational, if your family is more on the traditional side). However this year was anything but regular, meaning we have had to slow down and reevaluate how we live our lives. Feel free this year to do what you want to do. For example, if you’re vegan, and your family members are die-hard meat eaters. It’s an excellent chance to experiment with an opulent vegan Christmas dinner for yourself. Maybe you find gift giving expensive and stressful? Make a meaningful present to yourself instead. If you’re spending this occasion with friends, share your traditions with each other. It will help you explore other ways of enjoying your time, but will help you feel like the entire Christmas hasn’t been upended. Look at it this way, you can finally learn that family secret to making the best apple pie you’ve ever had in your life!

How to have a socially distanced Christmas

A Zoom Christmas

Even though there are more important priorities in life right now than spending Christmas with your loved ones, being homesick is totally normal. While you’re staying in and staying safe, make sure to prioritise your own mental health. Plan some much needed R&R, get stuck into a reading list, or a Netflix documentary. Whilst it’s tempting to plan an entire break to yourself, make sure you check in with the people you would normally spend Christmas with. Plan a video call in advance so you have something to look forward to. Even if you’re sick and tired of zoom calls, having a chat can warm up your heart in ways that you would never expect. If you shipped a present to someone, let them know to wait until your call to open the package. That way you can still experience the joy of watching loved ones open your carefully selected gifts. Zoom Christmases also have the added bonus of having a real mute button for that problematic family member!

Decorate anyway!

A warm and festive atmosphere is a game-changer and can raise your spirits no end. Making your house looking Christmassy and cosy is a ritual that will entertain you and make this time special. Whether you’re all for a traditional Christmas tree or you prefer a minimal and contemporary vibe, this year is the right year to invest in some decorations. Good lighting can transform your living room, and a spicy scent can relax you and invigorate your mood. You have a perfect excuse to treat yourself with a good quality scented candle. Or have fun creating your own scents with cinnamon sticks and cloves in oranges.

Dress up

Of course, you don’t have to. And if you’re staying home, comfort is a priority. However when you’re feeling well put together your mood uplifts! If you’re spending the day at home, a red lip is a must! Why not treat yourself by renting an outrageous outfit for the day? Try Hurr or By Rotation for some incredible party looks this year. For more ideas check out our guide to the best party dress rental websites.

How to have a socially distanced Christmas

Volunteer For A Charity

Volunteering is probably the best way to give meaning to a day if you’re struggling to figure out how to enjoy it away from family. Crisis at Christmas has been running since 1967, providing homeless people with hot meals, a safe place to sleep, company, and the support and advice they need to get back on their feet during the festive season. This year, they will do the same while respecting all social distancing measures. Find all their initiatives at Reengage is a charity for the elderly who find themselves in lonely situations. When you volunteer with them, they will pair you with an over 75 that is lonely and isolated. You can basically become phone pals, and hopefully meet IRL once all this madness will be over.

How to have a socially distanced Christmas

If you only have to make it through the day, then that’s all you need to do. There’s nothing wrong with having a hard time celebrating alone. The important thing is to be  kind to yourself. If you feel you need extra support then speak to a friend or trusted family member about your feelings, a problem shared is a problem halved. There are a lot of amazing organisations and charities that are set up to help you too. For a list of recommended places to find help visit the NHS Mental Health Charities Directory. We are all doing our best to navigate this wild time, and if you’re unprepared well, you have a right to feel so. Be proud of yourself for making it through the day: a new year is right around the corner. 

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for professional health advice. We make every effort to ensure we only recommend safe products however you should always do a patch test when trying new products. This post may contain affiliate links. All images courtesy of Pexels

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