Low Waste Mothers Day Gifts

Gift consciously this Mothers Day with our guide to sustainable and low waste gifts your Mother will love.

Mother’s Day is a day of appreciation for all the hard work our Mum’s do for us. So considered gifts are a must. Conscious gift giving requires a little more thought than the average bunch of petrol station flowers wrapped in plastic. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you the earth to give a considered gift. Since experiences are a little hard to come by at the moment, we’re instead suggesting gifts that can be kept for longer, or disposed of responsibly, leaving little to no waste behind. If you want to go one better, why not replace what our products take from the planet? Plant a tree and do your bit to reforest our planet and reduce our carbon impact.    

Pot plants Not Flowers

Why give a gift that only lasts a few days? Bunches of flowers are often flown halfway around the world in order to spend a few days in a vase. And did we mention they are usually wrapping in plastic? We love gifting indoor plants as a beautiful alternative. If your giftee isn’t blessed with green fingers then choose something low key. Patch Plants have a bundle of ‘unkillable plants’ that can be enjoyed whatever the skill level. Succulents are another option as they require little care.

Waste Free Gifts 

A considered gift that won’t leave your giftee with loads of unwanted waste is the most thoughtful way to give. Gemini’s unique range of chocolate bars come in compostable packaging, as does SBTRCTS moisturising facial balm. Similarly a gift that helps someone make less waste, like a water bottle is another good idea. Look our for biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Support Small Businesses 

Mothers Day is a special day but also one that gets marketed to us by brands in order to encourage us to make purchases. Buying a gift from a small business will be a much appreciated act, especially at such a difficult time for retailers. We gauruntee your purchase will cause a small business owner to do a little happy dance.

Donate To A Mothers Charity

Lets face it, birthing, motherhood and beyond is a complex time in any person’s life. 1 womxn dies every 2 minutes from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. And if you are Black, you are 5 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth. These are not statistics we should be reading in 2021. If your mum prefers not to receive a gift, they will love knowing that you instead donated money to a cause that centres womxn’s and maternal rights. 

Eco Friendly Plantable Cards 

Our reliance on card giving is not great for the planet, so side step it with a digital card or a thoughtful phone call. If you prefer to give a card, give a plantable one containing seeds. They can be planted anywhere to give life back to our environment instead of just taking from it. 

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