Documentaries To Binge-watch On Netflix

With many of us in social isolation, it’s a perfect time to catch up on some entertaining but informative docs on Netflix. So switch your phone off, make a cup of tea and settle down to the best Netflix documentaries to binge watch.

How many of us have heard a friend punctuate a point with “I watched a documentary about it on Netflix”? It’s certainly true that in the last few years there has been an increase in documentaries we didn’t know we needed, however we have to admit that we can find some works on the streaming giant that range from interesting to mind-blowing. As we spend much more of our free time indoors, despite the days getting longer, we’re already running out of series to watch. But no problem! You can spend more time watching Netflix on your couch without too much guilt because the platform hosts some of the best quality and most formative documentaries on the internet. Why not soak up the latest research and view points on sustainable living? From fashion to food and everything in between, there’s something for every taste.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Would it even be a list on sustainability without Marie’s reassuring poise? If you haven’t watched it already, this series is not only fascinating: it is also calming. The queen of decluttering brings her simple but effective approach already described in her best-selling book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’. Everyone probably knows her joy-sparkling approach to a minimal wardrobe, but right now you might have actually the time to properly focus on doing it. (Please dispose of items responsibly). 

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This documentary series sees four episodes focusing on the mass production of products we consume on a daily basis. Through a narrative in which every single production step is analyzed, it tries to point out which decisions lead to a ‘broken’ system. Sometimes, details that appear insignificant are actual game-changers. The first episode, ‘Makeup Mayhem’, shows the complexity of the beauty industry. It poses questions from the ethical responsibility of influencers to the origin of your products. This documentary raises questions that will help the conscious buyer make the right decision, and will inform those who are starting to question their consumer habits. 

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The True Cost

This must-see documentary explores the impact of fast fashion on people and on the planet. It was funded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and directed by Andrew Morgan in 2015. However  it’s now more contemporary than ever. Where does your £5 t-shirt come from? Watch this and you will see. Starting from the tragic accident at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013, where over a thousand textile workers lost their lives, the fashion industry is analysed in each troubling aspect: production, pollution and workers living conditions. It’s empowering message details the ways we can help to make a real difference through our wardrobes. 

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Upon release, Rotten became an instant classic. This American documentary series is produced by Zero Point Zero and concentrates on the problems resulting from the process of supplying food. It’s a series rich in the number of episodes, each one focusing on one specific product; Lawyers, Guns and Honey, The Peanut Problem, The Avocado War, Troubled Water and Bitter Chocolate just to name a few. It’s addictive viewing. 

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As you probably understood from it’s self-explanatory title, this documentary analyzes the food supply chain right where it originates: farms. Farmers, experts and chef Rick Bayless examine the history that saw the movement for sustainable food on the rise and the future developments on the food supply chain in the modern age. 

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This award-winning film ‘A Documentary About the Important Things’, released in 2016, describes how the two authors, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, decided to reconsider their approach to the way they live and the way they consume. The film includes the point of view of neuroscientists, writers and renown experts, such as Leo Babauta, as well as Joshua Becker and Colin Beavan, debating on the virtues of having less.

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Tiny House Nation

This aesthetically pleasing series isn’t explicitly on sustainable living, but the considerations that brought many to consider living in homes that are 500 square feet or smaller, are often connected to the desire for a minimalist lifestyle. These solutions are hardly family-friendly and not for everyone. Still, you’ll see how much of what you own you don’t actually need. Plus: it’s pure eye candy. 

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