5 Of The Best Party Dress Rental Websites

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Theres something so pleasurable about putting together a special outfit for an occasion, however most of us are unlikely to wear many of these purchases more than once. In order to make less of an environmental impact it makes sense to rent clothing for the party season. Here are 5 of the best dress rental websites.

December and party season give us a perfect occasion to reflect on our purchasing habits and whether or not we can and want to change them. It’s an awareness that will follow you all year. Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation, a Christmas party, a formal occasion or attending Fashion Week, having a strategy behind your style choices for your special occasions will come in hand and will be undeniably beneficial – for you and the planet – in the long term. It’s understandable that we have the desire to make a great impression, we can’t consider every single purchase an investment piece. On the other hand, the fashion industry is one of the greatest global polluters. 1 Million Women reported that if everyone in the UK didn’t buy new clothes ‘for one day, the emissions saved would be equivalent to driving a car around the world 8,640 times’.

This Christmas, while we’re keen to have a good time and feel great, buying a new dress isn’t really justified. Especially when the below brands are offering such incredible choices. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a bold new look, or designer. It will cost you less and you get the added benefit of returning it hassle free for someone else to enjoy. 

As reported by By Rotation (see below in our rental platforms suggestions), the amount of clothing we consume has doubled over the last 15 years and 30% of our garments haven’t been worn in over a year. The same textile production industry produces approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent per year, more than the aviation and shipping industries combined.

You might consider one of the downsides of renting your outfit is the pollution derived from the shipment of your clothes. This should be  taken into account, but it’s still incomparable to the footprint left by the Clothing industry, with CO2 emissions expected to rise to nearly 2.8 billion tonnes per year by 2030. On addition, UK citizens  only wear 44% of the clothing they own.

Image: Elise Gil / @byrotationofficial

If we’re getting used to being active users of the Sharing Economy, why wouldn’t we be coveting the same concept for our wardrobes? You can have your favourite dress from £20 to £100 a week, but you can keep an item for longer, even for a month – in case you’re planning a holiday, for example. We’ve done the research for you and chosen the best rental platforms in the UK! As you can see, every one has its own vision, system and even its own creative taste. In the long term, you can make bolder choices – and have more fun! 

5 Of The Best Party Dress Rental Platforms

By Rotation Rent Party Dress We The People Style Jessie Bush

Image: Jessie Bush / @byrotationofficial

By Rotation 

Launched by Eshita Kabra-Davies after an eye-opening trip to her motherland Rajasthan, India, By Rotation is a community of pragmatic style-conscious individuals. Their useful mobile app, allows you to lend and rent items in less than 2 minutes. Having sustainability and diversity at its core, they offer a versatile wardrobe which values quality and statement pieces while building a community by organising ad hoc events. You can now rent from influencer wardrobes too. We The People Style (left), Camille Charriere and Stacey Dooley are just a few names included. Plus: It’s a great way to make some extra cash with your stunning – yet unused – sequin dress.


Hurr Collective, aka “the Airbnb of fashion”, is the UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform. HURR delivers a streamlined rental process that allows women to share their wardrobes, with the aim of making renting an everyday occurrence. In a world where trends change faster than ever, what could be better than an unlimited online wardrobe for every one of your social occasions? Making immediacy a priority, they’ve built an on-demand platform that uses real-time ID verification, geo-tagging and AI-powered fashion stylists. For their members, this is a unique network of like-minded entrepreneurs who access fashion for a fraction of the retail price and turn their wardrobes into investments. 

Hurr Collective Style Me Sunday 5 of the best Party Dress Rental Brands

Image: Style Me Sunday / @hurr

Hirestreet Party Dress

Image: @hirestreet


On Hirestreet outfit options are divided into different styles or occasions, helping you to find the perfect option for your social day, and if you are unsure around sizing, you can get in touch with their stylist. After you’ve made your decision you can simply select your delivery date and a rental period from 4 to 16 days. Optional insurance at the checkout has you covered on accidental damage fees. You won’t have to worry on red wine or chocolate mousse stains and can enjoy the event.  (Even though they would take care of dry-cleaning anyway). If you’re unsure of the outfit once it’s arrived, they have made returning and refunding easy for you.


MY WARDROBE HQ is the UK’s premier destination for luxury fashion rental. Perfect if you want to try designer clothes without having to break the bank. Customers include Arizona Muse, Poppy and Chloe Delevingne, Olivia Buckingham, Roxie Nafousi, and Caroline Fleming. It features  high-end clothes and accessories from designers including Stella McCartney, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Isabel Marant and Chloe. The unique buy and borrow model allows consumers to ‘try before they buy’, with no hidden catches. 

My Wardrobe HQ 5 of the best Party Dress Rental Brands

Image: @mywardrobe_hq

Rotaro 5 of the best Party Dress Rental Brands

Image: @rotaro


If you’re having a crush on the latest it-girl dress, well it’s very likely you will find it on Rotaro. On Rotaro, you’ll find the latest additions from the trendiest designers: De La Vali, Ganni, Rejina Pyo and Attico to name a few.  You can then use their biodegradable bag & drop your rental outfit at your nearest – carbon neutral – DPD point. Then, they use wet-washing”, a more sustainable alternative to dry-cleaning. They only dry-clean with eco-friendly detergents when necessary. A Ganni dress at £30 for 8 days? How could we say no!

Disclaimer: The people and models in the images featured are not associated with The Vendeur and do not endorse it or the products shown. This post may contain affiliate links. Prices correct at time of publishing.

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