Best Clean Sunscreens

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Wearing sunscreen is an important part of our skincare routine, whatever the season. Here at TV HQ we much prefer natural sun protection over its counterpart. Here are the best clean sunscreens to wear this year.

If you aren’t including a Broad Spectrum protection in your day to day skincare routine then you are missing out on a big part of caring for your skin. According to US suncare brand Supergoop, ‘90% of skin ageing is caused by daily sun exposure.’ UVB rays cause your skin to burn, whereas UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply, cause signs of ageing. This includes pigmentation, fine lines and dryness. Not only that but without adequate protection, we risk more serious consequences like skin cancer. No amount of anti ageing cream can reverse the effects of too much sun exposure. Professional MUA Nat van Zee agrees, ‘the best defense is to wear a hat or an organic sunscreen that uses minerals like titanium and zinc oxide and is free from nanoparticles.’

The Vendeur’s Sunscreen Tips for beautiful, healthy skin
  • Apply underneath your makeup everyday! Yes even in Winter.
  • You need 1/4tsp to cover your face and 1oz to cover your entire body.
  • Experts recommend using a broad spectrum sunscreen (that’s UVA & UVB protection) of no less than SPF 30.
  • ‘SPF applied in the morning will not protect in the afternoon,’ Nat tells us. So don’t forget to re apply every 2-4 hours
  • When the sun is very high, usually between 11am-2pm, try to avoid the sun altogether, even when wearing a high SPF.
  • Avoid products that contain oxybenzone as it is known to be damaging to coral reefs. It can also cause skin irritation and there is evidence to suggest that it is a potential hormone disruptor.

Image: @coola

Best Clean Sunscreens

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