Best At Home Hair Masks

If you have a little time on your hands, a hair mask is the perfect way to perform some self care. We have found the best at home hair masks, plus some fun DIY ones for you to try.

How do you achieve shiny, healthy hair? Hair masks are the secret! And don’t have to be expensive. Remember that the most significant difference between DIY hair masks and the ones you would normally buy is that you should wash your hair with shampoo when using the latter. Also, when you apply the mask on wet hair it will be much more efficient. We  highly recommend that if your mask contains oil, you can skip this step, it might actually dehydrate it. Once you’ve decided whether your hair needs more nourishment, hydration or volume, you’re all set. However if your hair is quite oily and you’re washing it frequently, another great opportunity during lockdown is to begin to wash your hair less. This doesn’t mean however, that you don’t deserve an extra treat for all your discipline! We’re all going through strange times so if you think that the pressure of a quarantine glow up is unreasonable, we’re on the same page. Self-care is one of the most efficient ways to release tension and enjoy yourself. A leave in hair mask can double as a sleek chignon if you’re juggling between video calls! Here are our favourite hair masks to try at home. We’ve also added a few recipes for homemade remedies along with our go-to brands.

DIY Hair Masks

Olive oil and honey for damaged hair 

Olive oil and honey have both soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating properties. This magical mix is perfect for those who have dry hair and its also incredibly easy to make. All of the ingredients will probably already be in your kitchen cupboards. Two spoons of honey and three of oil is the perfect mixture. You can then massage the solution it and leave it on for at least half an hour. However you can keep it for longer if you feel you need it. It can also be warmed up, but be careful to check the temperature! (Please not to put boiling oil on your scalp!) The heat helps it penetrate follicles even better. Be warned that this oily one might need two shampoos afterwards!

Nettle and black tea for thin hair

Nettle is a great remedy for thin hair that tends to get easily oily but is not as harsh as baking soda. Black tea contains an astringent substance called tannic acid, that can prevent the formation of sebum and can purify your scalp. Tea tree oil, if used in very small quantities (be aware this essential oil is very potent), can also reduce and calm dandruff. Simply boil a few nettle leaves with one bag of black tea. After 5 minutes you can leave it cooling until the liquid is room temperature. Add two drops of tea tree oil: this mask will leave shiny hair after only 20 minutes!

Intensive mask with coconut oil and avocado  

Coconut oil is a real blessing for dry, damaged hair, while yoghurt and avocado are perfect complements. Mash a ripe avocado in a cup, add 3 spoons of yoghurt, two tablespoons of honey, 3 of coconut oil and if you have it, 2 spoons of almond oil. Once you have a smooth, creamy texture, you can apply it on your hair for half an hour. This is a hair saving remedy!

Hair mask with yoghurt, oil and honey

Eggs are rich in proteins and good fats, giving strength and volume to the hair and preventing hair breakage. Yoghurt is an excellent nutritive ingredient, while honey, with all of its extraordinary properties, is a true treat not only for your barnet but for your scalp as well. Whisk an egg in a cup and add  5 teaspoons of yoghurt. Next stir in 2 teaspoons of honey (try acacia honey over thicker, stickier varieties). Apply your mask to your roots and lengths. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Best At Home Hair Masks

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