DIY Pedicure for Fabulous Summer Feet

Now that it’s officially Sandal Season, we’re prepping our feet for their big debut. Here is our guide to the perfect non toxic DIY Pedicure for fabulous Summer Feet.

Are your feet feeling a little less than fresh? Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one. The great news is that while some amazing non toxic pedicure treatments are available (see our review of Ama Salon here) it’s very easy to do your own at home. It even doubles as a little ritual, giving you a bit of alone time to massage and nourish your feet. After all, they put up with a lot from us. We recommend lighting a candle and locking the bathroom door to ensure it’s a really calming experience.

Image: @cowshed

Non Toxic DIY Pedicure

Step 1

Remove old nail polish using Fresh Therapies non toxic remover and biodegradable wipes. Add some salt to a large bowl of hand hot water and allow it to dissolve. Pop in a few drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil to give it a fragrant lift if you like. Soak your feet for a few minutes to allow your cuticles and any tough skin to soften.

Pink Himalayan Salt, £20, By Sarah London at Reve en Vert

Step 2

After a few (relaxing) minutes, lift out your feet and gently pat dry. Apply a cuticle oil and while it’s soaking in, use clippers and a glass nail file to trim and reshape your nails. Once the oil has softened your cuticles, use a cuticle pusher to gently neaten them. Don’t push too hard as you may slip and damage the nail beds.

Organic Cuticle oil, £32, Kure Bazaar at Naturisimo

Step 3

Use a foot pumice to slough off any dead skin. Make sure your feet are almost dry when you do this. Work around your heels, the sides and ball of your foot and anywhere else you feel that you need it.

Natural Foot Pumice File, £4.79, Ethical Superstore

Step 4

Now for the good bit. Give your feet another soak in the bath before scooping a dollop of foot scrub into damp hands and applying to your feet. Take your time to really massage this all over your feet, around your heels and in between your toes. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly and pat your feet dry.

Peppermint Reviving Foot scrub, £7.50, The Body Shop

Step 5

Now apply a moisturing balm. Again concentrate on massaging it thoroughly around your feet, soles, ankles and in between your toes. Spend time on any areas that feel sore or tense. For a really nourishing treatment, do this before bed and pop your feet in some cotton socks to allow your tootsies to soak up all the goodness while you sleep.

On The Hoof Foot Balm, £19, Cowshed at Naturisimo

Step 6

You can always leave your nails bare, simply give them a little buff. If you are painting them use another wipe to remove any balm or lotion from your nails before applying varnish. For a natural look we love Nailberry’s range of neutral tones.

Oxygenated Nail Varnish, £14.50, Nailberry at John Lewis

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