Waste Free Dental Care

It’s party season so we’re ready to bet that you’re treating yourself to some sweeties, cakes and several glasses of fizz. None of these things are good for your teeth so a good dental routine is key. This is our guide to waste free dental-care.

Our dental care routine is one of the most essential self-care steps of the day. The one that we tend to repeat the most, and – unfortunately – it’s very likely it will create an unnecessary and really damaging amount of waste. There’s a lot of extra packaging and single-use plastic involved. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-waste, easily accessible options on the market. Many of our typical, off-the-shelf kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes and dental flosses are made by huge corporations that are notorious for animal testing and being not so kind to the planet. Natural products are more gentle for such a delicate and sensitive area. Here’s our step by step guide for your more sustainable dental care routine!

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper

This unusual Ayurvedic technique has been an overlooked one for a long time. However many people are witnessing the benefits of including a tongue scraper in their dental routine. It’s not just about taking care of your tongue – such an important part of your oral cavity if you think about it – but it’s also very beneficial for a fresh breath. You can choose between many metal-based options, such as old, silver, copper, tin and brass, or stainless steel scrapers. By gently removing stagnant, undesirable bacteria from the tongue after sleep, this quick step can have many benefits to your digestive system as well. Call it holistic approach!

Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner, £8.44, Wowe at iHerb

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling works wonders! It’s also incredibly easy – and cheap. Swish the oil around in your mouth for a few minutes allowing the oil to ‘pull’ or ‘draw out’ any toxins within the mouth. When you spit out the oil, you also get rid of nasty toxins and bacteria. Benefits include whiter teeth, cleaner mouth cavity, less plaque and tartar and a lower chance of gum diseases and cavities. Some people believe it helps prevent colds and illnesses too, and even improve acne and skin texture. Coconut oil is usually the most common one, as it has great antibacterial properties, and it’s really easy to find. 

Oil Pulling Mouthwash, £6.90, Georganics at Natural Collection

Biodegradable Toothbrush

Every plastic toothbrush you’ve ever used will take over 400 years to degrade. This makes it the most environmentally detrimental step of your routine. Thankfully there are great bamboo options out there with low waste or even fully biodegradable packaging, in every pharmacy or shop. In fact, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials out there, but it’s also biodegradable. 

Bamboo Toothbrush, £5.00, Nought at Wearth London

Natural Toothpaste

We can count on a few vegan and sustainable kinds of toothpaste, which tend to be extremely chemical and water-polluting. You can choose one that is free from parabens, fluoride, sulfates, triclosan, or other nasty ingredients. It’s an easy step to change – but so worth it. Plus, they often contain essential oils, leaving your mouth naturally fresher. 

Peppermint Toothpaste, £7.49, Dr Bronner

Eco Friendly Dental Floss

Last but not least: flossing! Even though it doesn’t need to be a daily habit, it’s important to do it thoroughly. Dental floss is usually made from plastic fibres, which won’t break down for hundreds of years. However there are natural options that come with refillable packaging! Why not try one with the added benefit of activated charcoal.

Natural Floss – Activated Charcoal, £4.90, Georganics 

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare or beauty advice. We make every effort to ensure we only recommend safe products however you should always do a patch test when trying new products. This post may contain affiliate links.