Offline Moment: Recovery Through Creativity

On the International Mental Health Day, we celebrate JEMIMASARA, the ethical brand pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion forward. Promoting confidence, self-compassion and self-love, JEMIMASARA is a label that uses empowering, tender storytelling to support everyone who might need support in these modern, challenging times.

Design is a powerful empathy machine that can have a real impact in raising awareness for mental health and mental illness. Collections, art-works, workshops and talks can help us reconsider the wonderful emotive potential of fashion. Launched in 2017 by Jemima Sara Hand, she immediately had the clear intent to inspire everyone to have a voice during tough times. Its founder Jemima suffered from mental illness issues, and found healing in self-expression and creativity: drawing, scribbling, painting and designing. Building a brand and a creative vision, Jemima found recovery in the process and found a way to share it with customers and communities. Living and working in London & Shropshire, Jemima now works with the local community to help support other small businesses, and it’s a “proudly ethical” business. We recently mentioned a wonderful example of a brand reinvesting in projects close to their heart as Sheep inc. does. JEMIMASARA,  does the same by supporting The Young Women’s Trust and donating 10% of profits to the charity, which represents young women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay. The organisation is offering learning experiences, but also considering how poverty can affect self-confidence and self-belief, giving them mental health support.

The concept of a ‘sustainable’ brand is often associated with environmentally-conscious aspects, and there’s no common definition as to what sustainable fashion actually is. JEMIMASARA is a perfect role model for any brand (or businesswoman) that considers sustainability as a key element: fair trade clothing as something that can “secure the future of the upcoming generations”. A brand and a woman that is looking at the bigger picture for a healthier, happier future; “a universal and positive approach to fashion”. Thos is based on three essential pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

They start first within the creative process: whether we’re talking about the ‘Feminist Manifesto’ scarf, the ‘Choose Change’ t-shirt or a sassy self-love print, they’ve got you covered with minimal yet energising design. These are quality, timeless pieces you won’t feel bored of after one season. The company goes beyond this and meticulosly through all the steps of the sourcing and manufacturing processes. To use her own impeccably truthful words: “Fashion can only become truly ethical when it benefits people and communities involved in making it, while minimising its own impact on the environment!”.

JEMIMASARA uses environmentally-friendly textiles (sustainably grown fibre crops or recycled materials). Creating avant-garde clothing from ethically produced textiles that are sourced from UK and Italian suppliers – approved by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Fair Wear Foundation, OCS Certification (for more information on these certifications click here ). It also seeks to minimise waste throughout the supply chain.

You thought it was over? Not yet! JEMIMASARA includes the social aspects, taking worker’s rights always into account. Jemima is a businesswoman and an artist. But most of all, she’s a wonderfully sensitive human being. And it’s always the right moment to celebrate this wonderful thing we call vulnerability.

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