Offline Moment: Meditation With Maude Hirst

Our hectic modern lives are increasingly dominated by screens. As a digital company we know first hand how tough it can be to take a break from that addictive blue glow. So consider this your weekly offline moment. A moment where we explore different ways to quieten your mind by taking you offline and back to real life.

Meditation for busy people, with Maude Hirst from EnergyRise

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of meditation. Indeed countless apps, programmes and classes are now readily available to anyone who wants to learn. However it’s usually easier said than done. We understand that sometimes it’s tough to take a few minutes for yourself, when work, family and life seem to take up so much already. Maude Hirst is a writer, actor and meditation and yoga teacher based in London. As a modern day multi hyphenate, she’s no stranger to the problem of time. Here she takes us through some simple and actionable meditation steps, for people who don’t have time to meditate. Here are some powerful 10 minute tips to get you into a calmer state.

Meditation For Busy People

1 – Coherent Breathing

This is a breath to do as you wake up to bring yourself back into balance. It balances out the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (your fight-or-flight response). How to do it? Its really easy – 6 seconds inhale and 6 seconds exhale (6 breaths per minute). Do this for 10 minutes.

Use this Spotify track to guide you along.

2 – Guided Meditation

Doing as little as 10 minutes meditation a day can hugely impact your stress levels. Join my online meditation platform ‘Meditation with Maude’ to get two 10 minute guided meditations a week and start your day by being guided into a relaxation. 

3 – Breath Awareness

Meditation is all about bringing awareness to whatever you are focussing on. A great way to de-stress yourself at any time of day is to bring awareness to your breathing. Noticing how you are breathing and slowly beginning to deepen the breath. You will notice the slower and deeper your breathing is, the calmer you feel.

Have you caught the bug? Maude has a more in depth course available here.

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