Offline Moment: Wardrobe Revamp

Welcome to your weekly offline moment, where we explore different ways to quieten your mind by taking you offline and back to real life. Our hectic modern lives are increasingly dominated by screens, and as a digital company we know first hand how tough it can be to take a break from that addictive bluish glow.

Here at The Vendeur we are big fans of a wardrobe revamp. Setting aside a day to give your wardrobe a little TLC can reap benefits later on. It treats you well all year so it’s time to give a little love back. Ideally you should do this at least twice a year. However if you can find the time to do this more frequently then you’ll get great results. Not only will you feel inspired by your wardrobe but it will allow you to take stock of what you own, meaning you are well armed to make decisions when shopping. Not to mention it makes choosing an outfit in the morning easier and less stressful. Here are our top tips for your wardrobe re organisation.

Step 1 – Turn It Out

Pull it all out! It may sound scary but once your entire wardrobe is littering your bedroom floor, only then can you get a true sense of what you own. It’s a little wake up call for those of us in denial about how much we own. But it also means you can honestly assess the situation.

Step 2 – Keep, Resell, Reuse, Donate

Go through everything and organise into piles. Be honest, does it fit? Do you wear it? You need four piles. Keep – you love it, you wear it (frequently!). Resell – it’s in good condition but you’re bored of it or haven’t worn it. Why not move it on so someone else can experience the joy of owning it? If it’s a designer label, try a resale website like Vestaire Collective, My Wardrobe Mistakes or The Wardrobe Workshop. We also love Depop for less valuable items. Reuse – it’s not in great shape, there’s a hole in the sleeve, the hems have dropped. Can you alter the item to become more wearable? Or does it go in your pile of fabric scraps to become something wonderful later on? Donate – it’s so worthwhile donating unwated items to charity shops. Try Re-Fashion for a speedy solution. We’ve also put together a guide to donating a variety of items to charity, here.  

Step 3 – Clean it out

Lets face it, our wardrobes and drawers get a little dusty and dirty. Now they are empty, give them a good hoover out. This will help get rid of any dust or moth balls that may be lurking. Throw out any broken hangers and donate any unwanted ones to your local charity shop.

Wooden Hangers, £13, John Lewis

Step 4 – Take preventative measures

Use this opportunity to restock on the essentials for keeping your clothes clean and fresh for longer. Use cedar balls and lavender pouches to guard against moths. Replace any drawer liners that are looking a bit old. If you’re not wearing your knitwear right now, make sure they are sealed away in garment bags.This also includes taking items of clothing to the dry cleaner or mender.

Natural Cedar Balls, £4.90, Blanc

Step 5 – Get creative

Now you know how much you own and how much space you have, it’s time to get creative. Repurpose old drawers, boxes and racks to create snazzy new storage solutions that bring energy to your wardrobe. Invest in stackable trays to organise jewellery and accessories in drawers. Or use a pretty gift box to store all your belts.

Step 6 – Rotate

Instead of putting everything back where you found it, now is the ideal time to rotate your wardrobe. This is important to do when the seasons and temperatures change. But we like to do this every so often to make sure we are wearing as much of our wardrobe as possible. Plus it’s really fun to find forgotten but much loved items at the bottom of drawers or the back of wardrobes. It’s like having new clothes without going shopping!

Step 7 – Make it Pretty

Be mindful of presentation. And it’s not because you know your in laws like to snoop! When your wardrobe is elegantly organised, clean and tidy, it makes choosing an outfit not just easy, but also fun. If you are a fan of organisation, try sorting your clothes into styles or colours so you can find things easily.

Coat Rack, £10, Iris Hantverk at Arket

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