Offline Moment: Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts

This week we’re bringing you a special post Christmas themed Offline Moment. We hope you received some well thought out presents this year. But in case you didn’t, we are here to encourage you to move any unwanted gifts on to people who would really appreciate your generosity. Throughout the UK, there are a lot of amazing and deserving donation points for unwanted presents. So before you take anything to the charity shop or (God forbid) throw it in the bin, take a look at our handy guide to donating your unwanted Christmas gifts.

It’s all too common to receive beauty product and clothes for Christmas. Unfortunately it’s even more common to receive something thats the wrong colour or size or something you’ll simply never use. All over the country, women in shelters, refuges and those living below the poverty line or on the streets are in need. They are crying out for basic toiletries products as well as clothing. If you have something to give, these are some great places to give to.

Gentle reminder: Think about what you are giving. These initiatives are not dumping grounds for old stuff you can’t be bothered to chuck out. If you would be embarrassed to give it to a friend, don’t give it. By giving a donation you are helping someone in need. Not only to fulfil a practical purpose but also to give a little love, light and hope this season.

Image: @thebeautybanks

Image: The Beauty Banks

The Beauty Banks

Hygiene poverty is a real issue in the UK. Some families often forced to choose between eating and being clean. The Beauty Banks was started by Sally Hughes and Jo Jones to funnell much needed toiletries to disadvantaged women and their families. From shampoo, shower gel and sanitary products, one woman’s trash, is another woman’s lifeline. The Beauty Banks accepts donations of new, unused and in date products. They work hard to organise the products and get them to the people and charities that need it the most.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is an incredible charity that works with disadvantaged women all over the world to get them back into the workplace. They offer women invaluable interview training sessions. As well as a one on one styling appointment and free interview clothing. Not only does this help boost each ladies confidence but we all know that first impressions at interviews are gold! That’s where you come in, Dress for Success are accepting donations of gently used and new workwear clothing. As well as accessories, new hosiery and cosmetics.

Image: @oliviapalermo

Image: The Red Box Project

The Red Box Project

Did you know that 1 in 10 young girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products? Many are forced to use makeshift solutions like tissue or socks. Some simply skip school all together. The Red Box Project was set up to provide schools with a supply of free sanitary products so that all young girls can get an education. They accept donations of new, unused products. The most popular items being sanitary pads. Your donation could mean that a girl in the UK gets to go to school full time without fear of going unprotected during her period.

Give and Make Up

Organised by beauty expert Caroline Hirons, Give and Make up is another incredible donation programme for beauty products. However they also accept womens and childrens clothes as well as toys. Often when women flee dangerous domestic situations, they leave with only the clothes on their backs. So these donations are much needed. The products you give are sorted and sent to Women’s charities including Solace and Refuge. Simply send to the PO Box provided and they will send the donations to the places that really need it.

Image: Caroline Hirons

Image: Socks and Chocs

Socks & Chocs

Founded by ex serviceman Ian Northcott, Socks & Chocs aims to support homeless people around the UK. They collect (you guessed it) socks and chocolates for those who really need cheering up this season. The organisation also welcomes donations of hats and gloves, sleeping bags and clean underwear. Their valuable work helps to support those that find themselves homeless. They do this with donated warm clothes and treats, as well by funding healthcare and invaluable advice.

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