What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Be Doing It During Lockdown?

Inactivity during lockdown can lead to more ill health later. Rachel, Founder of Alice Bow and Podiatrist Aisha Wajahat explain reflexology and why you should be doing it during lockdown.

Humans aren’t as active as we should be, even at the best of times. More people than ever before are sitting at a computer to do their job, then we spend our spare time sitting in front of our phone or TV screens. As we experience national lockdowns, permitting only 1 hour of outdoor exercise a day, we are using our feet a lot less than we should. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal, inactivity can lead to problems like deep vein thrombosis, as well as muscle wastage.

Ignoring your feet has an impact on other areas of our health too. As Rachel from insole & shoe accessories brand Alice Bow tells us, tension and stress can be relieved with a little reflexology. “The theory is that different reflex points (in your feet) respond to different areas of your body,” she told us. “By applying pressure to these areas, you untangle knots and free up movement and energy.” Light exercise as well as some simple but targeted reflexology can have amazing benefits to your health. That’s why Rachel launched Alice Bow’s Sole Gym. The range of reflexology tools utilises natural materials to help recreate an at home foot spa experience. We asked Rachel, and Podiatrist Aisha Wajahat to share some tips to help you get your feet into tip top condition.

What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Be Doing It During Lockdown? Alice Bow Sole Gym Aisha Wajahat

4 Ways To Improve Foot Health

What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Be Doing It During Lockdown? Alice Bow Sole Gym Aisha Wajahat Himalayan Salt Foot roller

Detox with Salt

Our feet contain 250,000 sweat glands, so a little salt detoxing can work wonders. Why not try a warm salt footbath? Aisha recommends ‘soaking your feet in luke warm water for 10-15 minutes can help relieve stress and also has anti bacterial properties.” Throwing some salt into the mix makes for a double whammy. We love Kalabash’s Mineral Rich Bath Salts with Lemongrass to give your senses a pick me up too. Or try Alice Bow’s Himalayan salt Roller*. Simply place it on a soft surface like carpet and gently roll it underneath your foot to help relieve tension.

Himalyan Salt Roller, £28, Alice Bow


“Basic stretching and strengthening exercises for feet and lower legs can help you keep the circulation going,” Aisha told us. If you don’t own a pair of ankle weights then don’t despair. Aisha adds that “raising your legs to hip level while sitting down can also help with swelling/oedema of the legs. Simply moving your foot up and down while sitting down can activate the ‘Calf Pump’ for blood circulation too.” Pop Ecobaths Rolling Balls Massager under your desk to remind yourself to massage them a few times a day.

Sustainable Beech Wood Rolling Balls Massager, £8.99, Ecobaths

What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Be Doing It During Lockdown? Alice Bow Sole Gym Aisha Wajahat Rose Quartz Ball


Not only can it help ease foot tension but a little reflexology does wonders for the rest of your body.  “In reflexology, the heel and inner arch areas are associated with the lower back – which has been in pain for many of us during lockdown,” Rachel says. Her favourite method of relief is to use Alice Bow’s Rose Quartz Foot Massager* during Zoom calls. “Just 5 minutes a day can help to relieve chronic back pain,” she tells us. Concentrate on the heel and arch of your foot, roll the massager around until you feel a sensitive spot. Press down onto the ball for a few minutes as you feel the tension soften.

Rose Quartz Foot Massage Ball, £26, Alice Bow


You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy a tension relieving massage. The act of simply massaging a gorgeous foot balm into your feet at the end of the day can do wonders. We love Inlight’s Organic Foot Balm, which doubles as an effective moisturiser too. Use firm strokes along the sole of your foot, around the ball and then push your fingers between your toes. Pop on a pair of socks to ensure that the balm can soak in overnight.

Organic Foot Balm, £35, Inlight at Naturisimo

What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Be Doing It During Lockdown? Inlight Organic Foot Balm

Special thanks to Rachel at Alice Bow and Aisha Wajahat. Aisha is a specialist podiatrist working from Flawless Feet Podiatry and laser clinic

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