How To Feel More Awake

We don’t always look or feel our best when we wake up. Fear not, you’re not alone. We take a look at the best products and tips in our guide to how to feel more awake.

Waking up feeling tired and not at your best is always a bummer. We don’t always get the best night’s sleep, despite our good intentions. If getting off to the land of nod is proving a struggle, head to our guide to the art of sleeping well for some helpful tips. In the meantime, there are plenty of things that you can do in the morning to ensure that you look and feel more awake.

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Have A Stretch

As soon as you’ve woken up, treat your body to a little light stretching. Studies have shown that this is a simple way to wake up your muscles up and encourage the flow of blood and oxygen through your body. The best news is, you don’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to. Theres no hard and fast technique, just do what feels right. However we love sitting on the side of the bed and pushing our arms over our head. Take a deep breath as you push up gently to help elongate the spine.

Take an uplifting citrus Shower

Now to invigorate your skin. Use a dry body brush in sweeping motions towards your heart to encourage blood flow. Try this long handled brush from Hydrea. Next, a citrus shower gel like this one from Evolve will help to awaken your body and your mind. Made using lime, lemon and basil, the scent will immediately blow away the cobwebs.

Apply an eye cream

Dab a small amount of a good cooling eye gel around your eye area. Avoid the skin directly under your eye as this is very delicate and highly absorbent. Instead, use your ring finger to lightly tap Neal’s Yard eye gel in a c shape from the top of your cheek bone around to your brow bone (just beneath your eyebrows). The tapping action will encourage blood flow in this area, helping to drain any puffiness. If your eyes are very puffy, use a cooling eye mask like this one from Body Shop Chilled slices of cucumber also does a great job.


Give Yourself a Facial Massage

We love a facial massage to help increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It can help to release tension, drain excess fluid in the face and generally make you glow. Gua Sha is an amazing massage technique using a Gua Sha stone. Try this handy guide from Content Beauty & Wellbeing to using the technique. For other massage aids, we’ve put together a round up here. Once you have cleansed your skin, apply an oil to aid the massage. Odacite’s Radiance effect serum concentrate is a great choice and can be used in tandem with another oil if you wish. It contains lemongrass and green tea to combat dullness and help restore your glow.

Add a Little Glow

If your skin still needs a bit more help, then reach for a glow giving tinted moisturizer. Avoid heavy, matt look foundations as these will only make your skin look more tired. Ilia’s Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturiser has aloe vera to keep your skin hydrated. We also love the True Skin Serum Concealer for disguising dark circles and blemishes. Next, blend a little of Vapour Organics Multi Use Radiant Blush onto the apples of your cheeks to add a healthy flush.

Get hydrated

Often the reason our skin looks sallow and tired is dehydration. If you feel less than brilliant this morning, ditch your dehydrating coffee and instead sip a glass of water. Finish at least one before you leave the house. Don’t forget to fill up your S’ip by S’Well water bottle so you can carry on hydrating throughout the day. If you find water a bit dull, try adding slices of lemon and lime, or cucumber and mint to add flavour.

Image: Bamford

Use a revitalising oil

Skip your perfume and instead roll an energising essential oil onto your pressure points. Bamford’s Chakrasana oil has been developed with Yoga Masters to be uplifting and balancing. Simply roll it lightly onto your wrists, neck and temples. Take a deep, calming breath in through your nose to experience the scent. Breathe out slowly through your mouth and you’re ready to face the day. It’s also a handy travel size so you can pop it in your bag to use throughout the day.

Products to help you wake up

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