Review: Face Gym

Intrepid field reporter Jade Dakota road tests the latest beauty and wellness treatments for The Vendeur. This week she experienced the face gym.

By Jade Dakota

Facial massaging is the fast-growing trend amongst beauty lovers because of the almost immediate results. Massaging your facial muscles encourages blood circulation and the development of collagen. This can lead to incredible anti ageing effects. This can be something you include in your daily beauty regime or as a one-off with one of the many facialists that utilize this technique.

If you haven’t already heard, Facegym is one of the leaders in this field and they are revolutionising the way we work out – our face!

Facegym stimulates the facial muscles (all 43 of them) using unique massage techniques, followed by a range of incredible tools. I tried the treatment which uses mild yet effective electrical muscle stimulation. Our face muscles are exactly the same as the rest of the muscles in our body, they need working out in order to stay lifted and toned. After just 30 minutes I saw a noticeable difference, my cheekbones felt more prominent and my skin looked radiant.

Facegym offers a wide range of treats, from their signature work out to cryo oxygen with prices starting from £50.00. Find out more here.

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