Summer Sleepwear: The Best Nightshirts & Slip Dresses

Image: Desmond & Dempsey

Quality sleepwear is essential for a good night’s sleep. If it’s not comfortable, breathable or soft then we don’t want to know. This is our guide to essential Summer Sleepwear, featuring the best nightshirts and slip dresses.

Sleeping well has become an art form. Clean, breathable sheets, no tech and low lighting are crucial to help us get a good night’s sleep. For more tips, why not check out our guide to the Art of Sleeping Well. If you really struggle to unwind, we highly recommend Bamford’s B Silent Treatment at their Haybarn Spa. Your choice of sleep wear is just as important as the environment that you create. Choose loose shapes, and avoid synthetic fabrics that will make you sweat and feel uncomfortable. As we move into the warmer months, breathable fabrics like silk, linen and organic cotton are best. Here are our favourite nightshirts and slip dresses.

Best Summer Sleepwear

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