Christmas Table Decoration Tips

Decorating your Christmas Table is always a delight and using natural, seasonal materials makes it even more special. We spoke to Lucy Lee of Luminosa events to get some tips on Christmas table decorations.

Ditch Shop Bought Crackers

When thinking about how to dress your Christmas table sustainably, as well as considering what you want, it’s worth thinking about those things you should avoid. The obvious one is crackers. This is because crackers are often made of non recyclable composites. The gifts inside iare so rarely kept so the entire concept is quite wasteful. It’s also tempting to buy Christmas themed paper napkins. Instead, think about making your own reusable napkins from secondhand or unused fabric. Old sheets and duvet covers, in the right shade or print can look excellent if torn into generous squares and set loosely draped on place settings.

Reuse, Repair, Recycle Your Decorations

If you are investing in new decorations – whether its to dress your table, your tree or your home – make sure these are of good quality and will last. Even better, buy second hand. Try eBay for beautiful vintage candlesticks, vases and even tableware. Pick up interesting pieces in charity shops and ‘upcycle’ them by painting them with recycled paints.

If you are dressing the table with candles and flower arrangements, think about how these are sourced. Choose recycled candles. There are several companies that produce beautiful candles by collecting wax from churches. We also love British beeswax candles. Luminosa have them available in several colours and sizes. Try to use foraged or dried foliage and flowers in your table arrangements and for your wreath. There are so many amazing native plants that work well for festive arrangements, the obvious being pine and holly. However so many plants and flowers work well when dried. Hydrangea heads, for example, are almost more beautiful dried than fresh and last forever.

Christmas Table Decoration Tips Luminosa Events

Natural Centrepieces

When designing centrepieces, why not use items that are natural and seasonal. Not only are they readily available from local or sustainably grown sources, but they are no brainer additions. Branches of pine make quick and easy centrepieces, as do vines of holly and ivy. Adding accents like pine cones or sprigs of berries or mistletoe are an excellent final touch. Things that are edible like seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables will also form part of the meal. For example a centrepiece that includes grapes, apples, pears and nuts in their shells makes an elegant decoration. It also forms a part of the meal when the cheese course is served.

Christmas Table Decoration Tips Luminosa Events

Christmas Dinner

When it comes to dinner itself, focus on making vegetables the star. An elegant nut roast or Mushroom Wellington can make an impressive main course. Of course, organic, wild grown and foraged or local produce is best. If you really want meat then please consider wild meat as an alternative to traditionally reared meat. We also recommend finding local, organic meat suppliers who rear livestock ethically. 

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