Eco Friendly Hair Removal

Have you extended your natural and eco friendly beauty routine to include hair removal? If not, then step away from the Bic razor and read this article as we explain our favourite eco friendly hair removal methods. 

Natural hair removal is a great habit that offers you twin benefits. Firstly you’re not polluting the environment by using chemical agents and secondly you’re being kinder to your skin. For those who are slaves to the shave, it can take time to figure out the most efficient and comfortable way to solve depilation issues. Pay special attention to your skin type. Is it irritable and prone to redness? Now have a think about whether you prefer a quick fix or a long-lasting result – or a combination of both! Set aside some time to pamper yourself and get a chore done with these natural hair removal ideas. Whether you’re ditching the plastic or creating homemade wax.

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Organic Baby Powder, £9.50, Neals Yard Remedies

This talc and fragrance free baby powder is super sensitive. Corn starch and chamomile are very gentle on even a babies skin so this is perfect for prepping your skin for hair removal too. It’s made using certified organic ingredients and unlike many powders, comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle. Aluminium is easily recycled and light to transport so is a great option if you are looking for smart, eco friendly packaging.

Neals Yard Organic Baby Powder Eco Friendly Hair Removal

Homemade Wax: Sugar, Lemon and Honey Paste

This method needs some practising. However once you’ve nailed it, the process is efficient and gives you a perfect result. This remedy uses sugar so has a little environmental impact, and the good news is that sugaring is usually considered less painful than waxing because the mixture doesn’t adhere to the skin. Bear in mind that it’s more effective if your hair is a little bit longer than usual.

Homemade Sugaring Paste Eco Friendly Hair Removal

How to

You can combine cane sugar and lemon juice in a non-stick saucepan and heat it up until it caramelises: the proportions should be two parts of sugar to one part lemon juice. When the paste looks like caramel, it’s ready. Just make sure the colour doesn’t get too dark and the sugar doesn’t burn. Once it’s ready, you can remove the pan from the heat and wait for it to cool down for about 10 minutes. The paste needs to be at room temperature. We want to avoid splashing boiling caramel on our legs! Now for the application. First apply a very thin layer of baby powder to clean skin. Smooth the paste in the opposite direction of growth of your hair. 

The important part – remove the paste with a fast flicking motion in the same direction as the hair growth. It’s the opposite motion of what you would normally do with wax, but it avoids breaking the hair follicle and makes the results last longer. If you have sensitive skin, a spoon of honey can help. The great thing about this solution? It can be stored in an airtight box, and then you can reuse it by warming it up again multiple times, as it lasts around one month.


A popular Arabic remedy, Sokkar uses sugar and water. Once you warm them up together to obtain your caramel, you’re basically all set. But make sure to avoid powdered sugar, as it contains starch. Once it cools down and you apply it on the skin, you can use clean pieces of fabric the same way you would use wax. Simply cut them into stripes and press them on top of the mixture once applied. It makes the process of removal a little easier.


If you love shaving or need a quick fix, but you’re also environment-conscious, avoid buying single-use razors. They’re usually made mostly from plastic and last only a few uses. Sustainable safety razors that use replacement blades will last a lifetime instead! You can find great options in stainless steel and bamboo. Plus: they look one billion times better on your shower shelf than the single-use ones, check out this beautiful rose gold option at Bambaw. 

Double Edge Safety Razor, Rose Gold, £18.95, BAMBAW at The Plastic Free Shop

Bambaw Rose Gold Safety Razor Eco Friendly Hair Removal
Shaving Spray Fair Squared Eco Friendly Hair Removal

After shaving

Your post shave treatment is as important as the typology of hair removal. Why not prepare your own after shave lotion by mixing almond oil, calendula oil and one drop of a calming essential oil. Lavender oil is a perfect choice as it can soothe and treat razor bumps and razor burn. Remember to put it in a dark bottle to preserve its properties and avoid light damage. 

After Shave Spray, £22.95, Fair Squared at Content Beauty & Wellbeing


Let’s not forget that beauty salons are finally open. Like many we’ve been shaking our heads in disbelief as barbers were able to wax their clients’ nostrils, but having your legs waxed in all safety has been banned for months. As the coronavirus restrictions have finally been lifted, you can access great sugaring sessions all across London. Just remember to bring your reusable face mask!

Ejiro Studio – Sugaring & Brow Specialist, 61a Off Hackney Road, London E2 7NX, prices start at Half Legs £40

Sugaring London –105 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DL, prices start at £35 Leg

The Pure Body Company –109-115 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8HW, prices start at £40 Leg and Bikini

Guys and Dolls Parlour – South Hackney, 168A Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7HD, prices start at £40 Leg

Ejiro Instagram Eco Friendly Hair Removal

Image: Ejiro

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