How To Have An Eco Conscious Period

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As the conversation around periods gets bigger and more inclusive, it’s important to understand it’s impact on our planet too. Here is our guide on how to have an eco conscious period.

Periods have never been more on topic. In a bid to combat Period Poverty, the Government announced that state schools and colleges in England can now order free period products for students. Tampons, pads and menstrual cups will be available for primary and secondary institutions to order if they opt-in. The scheme aims to help prevent children from missing school if they don’t have access to sanitary products at home. 

Last September, the conversation around periods finally started to be more widely representative of queer and non-binary folks, especially after Superdrug introduced a new, more inclusive range of period products intended for “people who menstruate”. The chain’s Luna range of organic tampons and plastic free sanitary pads introduced a gender-neutral terminology that is mindful of inclusivity and representation. Superdrug’s new, more inclusive range of period products follows Always’ decision to remove the female symbol from its packaging.

Not only are we eliminating long-held, often harmful taboos around the subject, but we are also tackling the important issue of the vast amounts of waste created by sanitary products. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, each of the 43 million women in the USA that use tampons will use 11 million in her lifetime. That adds up to a lot of tampons, applicators and packaging.

Even more disturbing than this fact is that regular tampons contain traces of bleach (used to make your tampons white) pesticide residues from the production of non-organic cotton and sometimes ‘fragrance’, although Lord knows what this could even be. Worrying right? You’re putting those things into the most sensitive area of your body. You deserve the best. Luckily there are now some great options available to suit whichever way you choose to spend your period. Here are a few of our favourites.

How To Have An Eco Conscious Period

How to Have an eco conscious period Dame Reusable period pad

Reusable Pads Set, £29.69, Dame

This waterproof, odourless and super comfortable pad is reusable and reduces plastic and carbon emissions! DAME is one of a few pioneering companies furthering the popularity of sustainable period products. Offering organic tampons and a reusable applicator, and now a reusable pad. Recently they developed the DAME dry bag, which allows you to pre-soak your pads after use. You can then add them to the next dark colours load of washing you do. This can save 40x carbon emissions than washing them on their own. Each set comes with a Reusable Liner, Regular and Night Pad, and a Dry Bag.

Organic Cotton Tampons, from £5.80, Ohne

Ohne not only offers completely fuss-free organic cotton tampons, but they also have a fab service that allows you to reorder your chosen product. This way, you’ll never get caught short. We also love their ‘Cycle Care’ range which offers accessories and CBD oils to help you feel more balanced while on your period. Ohne is also working with the School Club Zambia to help increase awareness, improve hygiene and support young girls through their education.

How to Have an eco conscious period Ohne organic tampons
How to Have an eco conscious period &Sister Nuudie period cup

Nüdie Period cup, £19, & Sisters

If you want to take a big step towards reducing your period waste, then a menstrual cup is a great way to go. Working like a tampon, they can be left in your body for up to 12 hours (depending on the make and model, please check this first). Various cup sizes exist because did you know that our cervixes aren’t all in the same place?! Plus, if you gave birth vaginally, that could make a difference too. It’s important to research your cup before you buy, so you get the ideal depth and flexibility to suit you. And best of all if you take care of them, they last for years. &Sisters nüdie cup has an easy to hold Pebble ™ stem which makes removal super easy. Plus it’s made of recyclable medical grade silicone making it good for your vag and good for the planet!

Organic Cotton Briefs, £25.79, Thinx 

Thinx changed the landscape of sanitary products with their revolutionary period pants. Whilst the reviews are pretty good, the technology looks even better. However, like a menstrual cup, period pants get you up close and personal with your bodily functions, in all its bloody glory. It’s not for everyone. However, if you aren’t convinced by your pants within 60 days, they give you a refund, so we think it’s worth a try. Made from organic OEKO TEX certified cotton, you can be sure that no chemical nasties are touching your most sensitive bits.

How to Have an eco conscious period Yoni Biodegradable chemical free sanitary pads

Biodegradable Pads, £3.59, YONI AT Ocado

If you’re not quite ready for cups and pants, don’t sweat it. Coming up close and personal with our menstruation can be a confronting experience, especially if you don’t feel confident with your vulva or vagina. The next best thing is to look for biodegradable options instead. These organic cotton pads from Yoni have a bioplastic backing derived from corn starch. This makes them breathable and biodegradable. They describe them as being free of ‘chemicals, perfume and shame,’ so of course we love them. Yoni is on a mission to make periods shame free, and waste free. Sometimes simple is better.

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