Plastic Free Bathroom Essentials

Thinking about refreshing your bathroom essentials this year? We would all love to use less plastic so we’ve come up with some great plastic free bathroom essentials.

It’s encouraging to know that among most peoples New Year Resolutions, the subject of using less plastic has been very popular. We think this can only be a good thing since 50% of British people don’t recycle their bathroom waste. Which means that 2.7 million plastic bottles (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel) etc. go to landfill each year. This is mostly because, lets face it, we can’t be bothered to recycle the packaging properly. And when you consider that other items like cotton wool pads, cotton buds, wax strips and razor heads are also thrown away in their millions, we are seriously dropping the ball in this area.

So we got to thinking about ways we could make some positive, plastic free, waste free changes to our bathroom routines.

Plastic Free Bathroom Essentials


Women’s reusable razors are not normally recyclable, or long lasting. For this reason we love safety razors because they are hard wearing. Most are made from corrosion resistant chrome, perfect for living in the damp environment of your bathroom. To use, simply unscrew the head to allow you to replace the blades. However the head is not adjustable so we recommend being careful using it the first time as it’s a pretty different experience to a Gillette Venus!

Traditional Rose Gold Safety Razor, £36.50, Mühle at Content Beauty

Reusable Cotton Pads

We use a lot of cotton wool pads, and it’s safe to say a lot of them end up in landfill. Why not switch to these handy little organic cotton rounds instead? Perfect for removing make up or for applying toner. Simply throw them in the washing machine once you’re done.

12 Organic Cotton Rounds, £8.50, Leave No Trace LDs at Etsy


Eliminate plastic packaging by switching to a bar of soap. And before you start feeling all dry and tight at the thought of it, we suggest you try the new Nuddy soaps. Created using shea butter, which has been triple milled to create the creamiest texture and the yummiest scent. It works to treat and soften your skin. Whether you use it on your hands or in the shower, it’s a winner. Plus the packaging is plastic free.

Lime + Lemon Soap, £4.95, Nuddy Soap


Something that should be replaced frequently – every 3 months according to dentists – is your toothbrush. This is because the bacteria that builds up on the brush head is detrimental to your oral health. A great alternative is to invest in a rechargeable toothbrush with replacement head options. However these are still made of plastic. For a plastic free option switch to a bamboo toothbrush. There are some amazing options on the market with recyclable and biodegradable bristles to boot.

Bamboo Toothbrush, £5, Zero Waste Club at Selfridges


Another dental hygiene fix in this area is floss. Did you know that floss is normally made from either nylon or teflon, both synthetic compounds. This means that even if you were to make an effort and compost your floss, it simply wouldn’t biodegrade. Why not try Georganics Charcoal Floss instead? It’s made using peppermint oil which is know to be effective at killing the bad bacteria normally found in your mouth and around your teeth. We also love the plastic free packaging.

Charcoal Floss, £4.90, Georganics at &Keep

Facial Wipes

Hands up if you’re still using disposable wipes to remove your makeup? Tisk tisk, surely the discovery of that gross fatberg in London’s sewers, made almost exclusively of wet wipes has put you off! Instead of wipes, why not try a reusable cotton cloth? They are easy to clean after use with the added benefit of the fibres providing your skin with a gentle exfoliation.

Organic Cotton Cloth, £4, Skin & Tonic London at Beauty Bay

Hair Ties

Its tough to find biodegradable hair ties. When we think of how many plastic and metal ones we’ve been through (and lost) over the years it brings us out in a cold sweat! So we love the look of these organic, biodegradable hair ties from Kooshoo. They come in all sorts of colours, including natural tones to suit your hair colour. These bonkers colourful ones are lots of fun, because why not make a statement?

Organic Cotton Hair Ties, £15, Kooshoo at The Plastic Free Shop

Cotton Buds

Another strong contender for the crown of most wasteful item in your bathroom. The cotton bud is under consultation to be banned from sale in the UK, along with plastic straws. Both are causing massive environmental damage to animals and the ocean. Luckily, many brands have already withdrawn plastic from their supply chains. The Cotton Bud Project has a helpful list of safe companies to buy from. Look out for biodegradable alternatives such as bamboo and paper.

Cotton and bamboo buds, £2.25, Hydrophil at &Keep

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