Reusable Face Masks

Image: Natalia J Mag

Stay safe and look good doing it. Now that face masks are obligatory in enclosed public spaces you need something effective that won’t damage the environment. Here are our favourite reusable face masks.

Today face masks became obligatory in the UK. From now on, masks must be worn when in shops, on public transport or when using hire car services, like Uber. However we can’t help but worry about the effect that single use ‘medical’ masks (as well as latex gloves) are having on the environment. Thats why we’ll be sporting reusable face masks. Simply pop them in the wash after each wear and they are good to go. (We also recommend storing it in a little bag when not wearing to avoid it picking up germs). Plus, they are so much more interesting than the boring medical grade variety. Don’t be afraid to use it as an accessory to your look. Have fun with bows, prints and ruffles. They aren’t difficult to make your own out of fabric scraps, old clothes and ribbons. However if you aren’t that way inclined, a few of our favourite brands have created some really stunning show stoppers. And many are made of fabric offcuts that would otherwise have gone in the bin. Thats a win win in our book.

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