Natural Body Scrubs For Glowing Skin

A body scrub is a quick and easy way to increase circulation and remove dead skin. We take a look at the best natural body scrubs for glowing skin.

Using a scrub is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin deeply, remove dead skin and boost circulation. Whether you want to make your own or buy one (we added our current favourites below), taking a moment to use a scrub is extremely relaxing. By massaging your skin you help to revitalise the blood circulation and leave your skin oh so soft. While you can find great natural options on the market, it’s incredibly easy to make your own body scrub with effective results.

Scrubbing your face can lead to irritation. If you’re comfortable using physical exfoliation on your skin, we recommend an option with smaller particles. But when it comes to your body, hands, and lips, sugar, coffee, or salt are good bases that everyone can find in their kitchens. For your lips, a mixture of honey and sugar are perfect. For your body, you can choose grains of salt and almond oil, and you’ll have the softest hands using coffee and coconut oil. A tip for the ones with sensitive skin: cacao powder can be as effective as other granules, but it will be much more gentle on the skin! Don’t forget that using brushes and loafers can have a similar result when used vigorously.

Best Natural Body Scrubs

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