Back To Basics: Silk Scarves

Image: Not Just Pajama

As part of our weekly Back to Basics series, we are shining a spotlight on great wardrobe staples that are made to last. Because timeless basics are the most sustainable pieces you can buy.

We love silk scarves for their sartorial flexibility, you can style them an infinite number of ways. They’re a seasonless must-have in any wardrobe. Scarves are the perfect example that something extremely simple, a piece of fabric, can contain a multitude of styling ideas. Making them the ideal addition to a capsule wardrobe or popped into your suitcase to make your holiday wardrobe go further. Use it as a hair accessory, either babushka style around your head or twisted around your hair tie. Bows are still big news, or simply use it as a head band to cover up when your hair is a little dirty. Tie it a million different ways around your neck. Or plait two together to make a chic belt. We also love wrapping them around our wrists, either on their own or looped through a chunky chain bracelet.

A delightful silk scarf is one of the most satisfying finds in second hand or vintage shops. However there are also fresh, new (sustainable) choices for your next silk crush. We recommend choosing organic or peace silk if you are mindful of the fabrics origin.

How To Style Your Silk Scarf

Scarf Belt

Try looping a long, narrow scarf through your belt loops like Victoria Beckham. Or roll up a square scarf to wear with high waisted jeans.

Neck Scarf

Use a small scarf to create this modern look. Tie it up close to your neck and pair with a button down shirt like Leandra Medine.

Scarf Bag

Marine Serre’s ingenious use of vintage scarves includes artfully folding them around old gym balls. Why not loop yours around a small box clutch for a similar effect.

Head Scarf

Simple, elegant, timeless. Try a few different methods to figure out which style suits you best.

Best Silk Scarves

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