What We Love In April

Image: Pippa Small

During this month we celebrate Earth Day just as we do every year. It’s a reassuring ritual that we do every year, allowing us to reconnect with the Earth, with nature. And especially during these uncertain times, we need ritual and awareness now more then ever. 

April marks the arrival of Spring, usually a time for getting outdoors with the people we love to soak up some sun. However with the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us are self isolating and suddenly nothing seems certain anymore. However, during this month we celebrate Earth Day just as we do every year. It’s a reassuring ritual that we do every year, allowing us to reconnect with the Earth, with nature.

We’re Celebrating

On 22nd April this year we will be celebrating 50 years of Earth Day. This year’s theme is Climate Action, and having seen the amazing resonance of campaigns such as Fridays For Future and Fire Drill Friday in 2019, it’s one we can all get on board with. So what can you do? While it’s currently not safe to join large crowds at rallies, you can do other things to make an impact. Pick up litter you see, utilise your reusable cups and fly the flag for Mother Earth.

We’re Putting Our Best Foot Forward

There’s nothing they won’t lend a hand (or foot) to. This month, Tom’s launch their Earthwise collection, featuring their classic espadrilles redesigned using natural dyes. The Plant Dye Capsule utilises colours derived from nature. The chemical free colours are so beautiful and vibrant. As an added bonus the styles feature Ortholite soles made from 26% eco content and tencel lining.

Available from 16th April

We’re Nourishing Our Skin and Hair

Introducing the new game changing beauty brands that have us excited for the year ahead. If you experience hair loss or generally stressed out tresses, Centred offers a unique range of gentle treatments to get your hair back to happy. Bolt Beauty is packaging free skincare at it’s finest and perfect for those that need to reduce the weight of their make up bag! We always love a good shampoo bar so Nut & Noggin is on our must have list. The ingredients are clean and vegan, plus they donate a £1 from every purchase to Mental Health Charities. 

We’re Shining For Artisans

Pippa Small’s latest collection in collaboration with Turquoise Mountain is more beautiful, and needed than ever. As tensions in Afghanistan continue to point towards a possible Civil War, stability and work provide Afghan people with a lifeline. Pippa’s 11 year partnership with The Prince’s Trust continues to do just that for skilled artisans living in Kabul. This collection features delicate leaf shapes as well as hand made gold coins.

We’re Wearing The Movent

Are you trying to shop your wardrobe in a bid to consume less? Are you struggling to think of ways to reimagine your clothes? It’s not something to be ashamed of, we all have off days. Thankfully the lovely folks at Hubbub have created Wear The Movement, an initiative to help us rewear. Follow their Instagram @WearTheMovement for tips and inspiration. Plus they’ll also be answering your sustainable fashion questions.

We’re Supporting

As the UK officially locks down in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, small businesses and freelance workers are being hit hard. How can you help? Purchasing vouchers and made to order pieces from your favourite brands will help put money in their accounts while we ride out the weirdness. You can also subscribe to your favourite fitness guru’s video streamed classes, order take away from your favourite cafe or simply follow someone on Instagram and give them a shout out.

We’re Dining Out

In celebration of their Earth Hour dinner, (Saturday 28th March) Reve en Vert have partnered with Thyme England to create an exquisite range of table wear. Designed by Thyme Founder Caryn Hibbert, the hand made linens are printed with illustrations of primroses to mark the Spring season. A tres chic touch to any dinner party.

Printed Napkins, £25, Thyme at Reve en Vert

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