How To Keep Your Jewellery Safe On Holiday

Hands up if you’re guilty of trashing your jewellery on holiday! To avoid certain heartbreak, we spoke to E.C.One to get the low down on how to keep your jewellery safe on holiday. 

As the sun shines and we start to think about what to take on our summer holidays Jos Skeates from London jewellers E.C.One has seven tips to keep your jewellery sparkling en vacation!

Take a few shots of your jewellery on your phone before you go and make sure your holiday or house insurance will cover any loss. It’s more difficult to get an insurer to pay out if all you have to go on is a verbal description. 

Buy a jewellery box or travel roll that will fit in your hand luggage and the hotel room safe. People tend to throw jewellery together and then are surprised when chains end up knotted and diamonds have scratched other stones. Keep them separate and cared for and they will still look great when you need to dress up on that evening out.

Take rings off before you apply sun cream. Most sun creams are a form of emulsion which will dull diamonds and precious stones. If you must wear your rings, make sure you wait 20 minutes after applying sun cream so that it doesn’t collect in the back of your jewellery.

Image: @bypariah

Never wear your rings in the sea. Everyone’s fingers shrink in water. This can be disastrous if you are doing the backstroke in Antibes as your rings will become loose and slip off your hand. Sadly, we have known couples who have lost their wedding rings whilst on honeymoon – never a good omen at the start of a marriage. Leave them in your hotel safe or wear them on a solid chain around your neck.

Never wear soft stones in the sun. Pearls, cameos, amber and opals will be affected by water, chlorine and sunlight, not to mention abrasive sand on the beach. If your jewellery contains stones that aren’t very hardy– best to leave them behind.

Try not to draw attention to that dazzling piece. Even the best 5-star resorts have on occasion been known to be frequented by pickpockets and petty thieves. Leaving your jewellery in a bag or under your beach towel while you go for a cooling dip can be too much of a temptation for an opportunist crook. 

If in doubt leave it at home. If you have a family heirloom or a significant piece that means the world to you – don’t risk losing it abroad. Leave it in that secret hiding place or the family safe. It will still be there when you come back with your glowing tan.

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