Vintage Sellers on Instagram

Vintage selling on Instagram has become an unexpected trend. Thanks to a crop of bright young things plying their wares on Instagram, buying vintage has never been cooler. Whether you’re selling out of Depop or have a bona fide online store, we’re all over this!

Vintage shopping was once the past time of penny pinching grandmas and hard up fashion students. Now however it is acknowledged as the only way to find an individual sartorial voice in the ever growing noise of fast fashion. Hands up if you accidentally wore the same dress as your cousin at a wedding this summer? That’s because celebrities and influencers ensure that even high street must haves fly off the shelves to be worn by everyone you know.  Finding your unique style is increasingly tough, thats why we love vintage shopping. Not to mention the convenient sustainable element of it as a way to keep clothes in circulation for longer, meaning they are saved from landfill. 

The Model Turned Vintage Seller

Danish fashion model Caroline Brasch Brahe (nee Nielsen) recently debuted her extensive collection of vintage finds on Instagram as CBN Vintage. Having amassed an enviable assortment of fashionable treasures on her travels as a model, Caroline is now experiencing the joy of passing on the love. ‘I just had such a big collection I really wanted to share it’ she told With pieces ranging from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche blouses, to a highly covetable and now Insta famous Dior monogrammed jacket. A web shop is coming soon but for now check out her Instagram account to buy her pieces.

Great British Vintage

Over in London, Mia William’s is the beautiful face of Mad Seventies. Like most Insta Vintage purveyors not only does she run the business but she models the pieces. She also recently collaborated with fashion rental service Wear The Walk. Her eye for fun prints and unique cuts is exquisite, and not unlike the now famous Granny Chic look championed by Gucci. Expect to find lots of metallics and flared trousers. Visit her shop for 70’s style vintage finds that will make your heart sing. We love these oversize Gucci sunglasses.

Travelling further North to Manchester we discovered Dirty Disco, founded by sustainability advocate Hailea. She’s passionate about changing misconceptions that vintage clothing is dirty and smelly. Taking great lengths to find good quality items, her secondhand finds wouldn’t look out of place in your local Urban Outfitters. Proof that fashion trends are totally cyclical. Throwing clothes away after one season is a nonsensical waste, share the love!

Left: Mia Williams of Mad Seventies, right: Dirty Disco

All American Vintage

Another brand looking to address the issues around over consumption and waste is Brooklyn based Subrina Heynick. After starting small on Instagram, selling pieces from her personal wardrobe, her uber cool New York sensibility is now very sought after. With selections inspired by 90’s style icons Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and post-divorce Princess Di, her items are total must-haves. Expect to find Manolo Blahnik mules and original Calvin Klein amongst her items for sale. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out!

Influencer Inspired Vintage Trends

On the opposite end of the vintage spectrum is Les Fleurs Studio, an impossibly pretty Instagram account run by Spanish influencer Maria Bernad. Hopelessly romantic, this sale via DM only account features Instagram favourites such as natural shell earrings, charming pastel blouses and vintage beaded bags. Make sure you check out her offering for inspiration on future trends. 

The range from these social media influencers come vintage vendors spans unlabelled gems to Ungaro originals. Such a refreshing change of pace on the channel so long devoted to fast fashion.

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