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Image: Maggie Marilyn

Responsibly made clothes don’t have to be simple, monochromatic affairs. We’ve selected our favourite brands that have Fun With Fashion to energise our post lockdown dressing.

After a year and a half, (which lets face it, felt like a lifetime) we’re now emerging from the world of WFH attire. There’s something so exciting and revitalising about dressing up post lockdown. Will the 2020s be the new Roaring Twenties post war years? It’s too early to say, but right now we’re enjoying some well-deserved fun with fashion! We’re happy to welcome bright colours and some extravaganza, dresses and heels too. 

Lets face it, responsible fashion doesn’t conjure images of uniqueness and fun with fashion. However when you use your imagination, and treat yourself to a few of the beautiful items below, we think dressing with a conscious can be so exciting. Don’t forget that buying vintage and second hand fashion, not to mention renting something fabulous to wear are all fab options and more purse friendly too.

Maggie Marilyn 

If you’re looking for an office outfit that will still turn heads, why not choose an eye-catching colour? We love this yellow suit with a Seventies flair from Maggie Marilyn. Maggie Hewitt saw it as her mission to build a brand that championed transparency, empowered people and ensured the health of our planet was at the forefront of every decision. That’s how Maggie Marilyn was founded. Known for using bright colours and cool shapes, pieces from Maggie Marilyn imbue personality. In addition, they have measured their carbon emissions and now have a reduction plan in place to ensure they do their part in keeping global temperatures well below a 2 degree increase. The label is committed to using high-quality fabrics that are kind to both people and the planet, looking to independent certifications such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oeko-Tex and Bluesign to guide their decision making. 

Dream Trousers, £277, Maggie Marilyn

Fun With Fashion Maggie Marilyne
Fun With Fashion Yasmina Q Green Dress

Yasmina Q 

We love a dress that combines fun with comfort and hugs the body with grace. Plus, mint green is so flattering! Yasmina Q works with community-based production facilities that make small-production runs for them. They decided to work with different skilled communities based on proximity of materials, community based incentives and regeneration as well as location of regions they will be shipping to. By doing this they minimise their carbon footprint. Yasmina Q supports fair workers wages and individuals displaced by difficult circumstances. It’s a brand approved by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. 

Fleur Dress, £596, Yasmina Q

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Bogdar combines versatile, modern prints with it-girl favourite party outfits. At Bodgar, their contemporary style and sustainable execution offer you unique pieces produced in eco-conscious ways. From Spring/Summer 21, the label has committed to only using high-quality organic, biodegradable or recycled fabrics. They have never used leather and fur, and have no plans to change this. Instead of being made from cellulose coming from trees or plants, their viscose comes from the waste of the cotton crops that is usually thrown away. This saves plants and trees and ultimately reduces the carbon footprint of the raw material. If you’re into lilac bodysuits, one shoulder salsa dresses and clingy silk dresses then Bogdar is one for you.

Emily Organic Cotton Jacket, €290, Bogdar

Fun With Fashion Bogdar
Fun With Fashion Appetite Studio

Appetite Studio

Whether you’re heading to a swish brunch with friends or a fancy dinner, Appetite Studio creates mix and match pieces in colour popping checkered patterns. One of their dresses is literally called “The Campari”. To Appetite Studio, there’s no fail-safe way to be fully sustainable when it comes to clothing production. Of course we couldn’t agree more. Regardless of that, they’re dedicated to doing their best to maintain a conscious approach and responsible methods from design to distribution. In pursuit of a slower agenda, all garments are made to order, via their pre-order system on their website. They source deadstock and vintage fabrics, including tablecloths, to create their unique draped and ruched designs. This also means they’re able to offer custom-sizing and fabric specifications on request. 

The Nectar Skirt, £375, Appetite Studio

Roopa Pemmaraju

Roopa Pemmaraju combines the most stunning and vibrant prints with luxurious garments that honour the exceptional craftsmanship of India. By employing skilled artisans and paying them fairly for their craft, they create vibrant, one-of-a-kind clothing in a way that respects our planet and its people. Cotton has a long history of cultivation in India, this is because it grows so well in warmer climates. It’s produced all across India and remains vital to the country’s economy. However since traditional cotton production requires large amounts of water, they work with recycled cotton whenever possible. Hand weaving is an entirely manual and carbon-neutral process. Instead of using machine looms, which can create harmful emissions, their artisans skillfully operate looms by hand. Garments are painted with natural, eco-friendly dye pastes and then stamped with painted blocks to apply the patterns to fabric. The result is a beautifully unique iteration of the print – no two pieces of fabric are ever exactly the same.

Gathered Poppy Print Cotton Blouse, £288, Roopa Pemmaraju

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Fun With Fashion Ace & Jig


Remember that a dress should fit you, and not vice versa. Ace&Jig creates outfits that naturally flatter all body types. They are committed to finding a use for each scrap of their custom yarn-dye woven textiles: from community initiatives to recycling or repurposing. In the normal cut and sew process, anywhere from 10%-30% of each meter of fabric is wasted. This can results in thousands of meters of custom fabrics going to waste each year. Instead, Ace & Jig are committed to finding a use for each scrap of their textiles through partnerships, collaborations, community initiatives, and more. They are proud to collaborate with artists and peers who share their commitment to reducing textile waste, and they are now sending their damaged Ace&Jig pieces to The Renewal Workshop to be renewed. Renewing items restores value to these used, unwanted, or damaged items and diverts more textile waste from landfills.

Romper, $325, Ace & Jig

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