How To Care For Leather Shoes

Image: The Restory

They carry us from A to B but many of us are content to buy cheap shoes and trash them until they get thrown in the bin. If we buy leather shoes, it’s so important to respect the animal they came from by wearing them for as long as possible. We spoke to The Restory to get their expert tips on how to care for leather shoes.

By Georgie Grant at The Restory

Let’s Face It – We probably own too many pairs of shoes

Without getting too caught up on how many shoes the average woman owns, because let’s face it, we all have our vices, we are here to encourage you to ensure your shoes are looked after properly.

Your favourite shoes may not last as long as your handbag, but through rain or shine, Summer or Winter, day to night, our shoes are an essential part of our daily story and are often a source of those fateful first impressions.

The Experts

In an atelier in West London, The Restory is made up of an expert team of artisans who repair and restore leather goods. The team is continuously developing innovative techniques to suit the demands and evolving needs of the client. They encourage you to repair your items to contribute to the circular economy, rather than throwing them away and adding even more to landfill.

The atelier receives numerous pairs of shoes per week; flats, boots, sandals, heels or lace ups. Each with their own unique story having been expertly crafted and well loved by the owner, but in need of a little TLC and some restoration magic. A core aim of the atelier is to educate clients on the importance of after care and the craft that goes into it.

Good Shoe Care Habits

– Use a horsehair brush to polish your leather shoes weekly.

– Add a protective rubber layer on the sole of the shoes. This extends the longevity of the sole and even provides a little extra grip.

– If you get caught in the rain, stuff them with some kitchen roll to soak in the moisture and leave them to air dry.

– Use an appropriate leather cream every couple of months to keep the leather moisturised and nourished which will prevent any cracking.

– Store them appropriately when they are not in use and so they don’t get forgotten about.

If you Need Professional Help

Should there be extensive damage, The Restory is on demand to assist you. From deep cleaning, to colour restoration or more bespoke repairs there are endless opportunities to restore your shoes and join the circular economy. Whether your puppy chews a chunk of leather off the back of your Gucci loafers, it happens! Or you want to recolour your wedding shoes to continue their love story in a colour more suited to everyday. Maybe they just need some regular upkeep, so get in touch for a preliminary quote and book your collection.

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