Weekly Offline Moment: Herbal Tea

Welcome to your weekly offline moment, where we explore some different ways to quiet your mind by taking you offline and back to real life. Our hectic modern lives are increasingly dominated by screens, and as a digital company we know first hand how tough it can be to take a break from that addictive bluish glow.

Brew a cup of Herbal Tea

When was the last time you enjoyed a perfectly brewed cup of herbal organic tea? It’s a pleasure that is growing ever rarer as we dash from home to work, to appointments and meetings and back again. Whilst it’s tempting to grab a takeaway coffee to give your energy levels a boost, the short lived high and inevitable crash (not to mention the unnecessary waste caused by takeaway coffee cups) never really seems worth it. So why not brew yourself a proper cuppa? Take the time to get it right and enjoy the health benefits of drinking a herbal infusion, not to mention the clearer head space you get from stepping away from life for 5 minutes.

#vendeurwellness Tip:

Simply boil the kettle and allow the tea bag to steep for 5-10 minutes to really get all the goodness from the herbs. Add a splash of cold water to make sure it’s cool enough to drink, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Tea for Specific Occasions and Concerns

Whatever the occasion, there’s a herbal tea to benefit your body and mind. Here are some ingredients to look out for to target specific times of the day, digestive difficulties and state’s of mind.

After Dinner – Chicory, Peppermint, Aniseed or Fennel
Bed Time – Valerian & Lavender