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Launched in 2018, My Wardrobe Mistakes is the brainchild of Virginie Alvarez. Seeking to solve a problem she and many of her friends working in fashion faced, she entered the world of Resale. We spoke to her about her passion for beautiful things and My Wardrobe Mistakes journey towards sustainability.

Image: Virginie Alvarez

Let’s face it, we have a problem with time. Most of us don’t have enough of it. Especially if you are a busy entrepreneur and Mother. After having her second child, Virginie Alvarez decided to do something about her situation. Years of working in fashion for brands like Liberty and Farfetch had meant that her wardrobe was fit to burst with enviable pieces. But who has the time to do anything about it?

On her search to solve the problem, she encountered a glaring issue. ‘I tried the existing resale websites but none were offering a great concierge experience.’ Que her lightbulb moment. “I had to find a solution for my shopping addiction. I got to know people all these years working in fashion and I was invited to too many private sales!” Many of her friends were in the same boat. Beautiful, hardly or never worn pieces gathered dust in their wardrobes. Therefore why not give other people the opportunity to love and use them? Looking to tackle the problem of too much stuff and too little time, Virginie founded My Wardrobe Mistakes. Since launching in late 2018, it has already taken its place as a leading business in the resale domain.

US company ThredUp estimates that the resale market will reach $41BN by 2022. It has outstripped other apparel markets by 49% between 2017 and 2018. So there’s never been a better time to be part of this growth. Recognising that she wasn’t the only one guilty of making a few wardrobe mistakes, Virginie set about creating a solution. Setting themselves apart from other resale companies, MWM holds and authenticates all of their stock. Therefore if customers have any queries, they can be answered promptly, as well as shipped the same day. ‘The experience is completely hassle free for our sellers,’ Virginie asserts. This is because making the service stress free is a key component when crafting a luxury ecommerce experience. An experience clearly helped by the calibre of brands on offer. Browse the website today and you can expect to find Alaia dresses, Hermes handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes, all new or nearly new.

‘I think clothes are not superficial at all, its more the contrary, they are helping you to feel better and stronger.’ – Virginie Alvarez

However My Wardrobe Mistakes’ offers so much more than a platform for selling pre owned designer pieces. ‘Time is so precious, it will be the last remaining free luxury that we have,’ Virginie tells us. So she has developed a Concierge service so that women can be visited anytime, anywhere by the MWM team. Experienced Stylists help customers streamline their wardrobes, and take away anything they no longer want. ‘Our clients trust us to sell their amazing items, they deserve a treat.’

Years of retail experience have taught Virginie that the customer always comes first. Glowing customer reviews are proudly featured on the website and Virginie loves the personal stories she creates with her customers. One story that springs to mind is that of a women who suspected her boyfriend was planning a surprise and wanted to look her best. ‘She called us on a Saturday morning, at 4pm, we visited her with 15 dresses, and she fell in love with one of them! At 11pm, she sent me a wonderful picture of her wearing the dress, with her NEW engagement ring on her finger.’ It’s stories like this that really inspire Virginie and her team. They’re in the business of making dreams come true.

The Private Detective Service is another example of MWM going the extra mile for their clients. If you’ve been searching for that old season Balenciaga handbag in pink, or a trench coat in your perfect size, the team can help. Just let them know and they will make it their mission to seek out your dream piece. The team regularly visit clients with selections of hand picked items too. So if you see something online but want to try it on first, the team will happily bring it to you.

I love beautiful items,’ Virginie explains. ‘I also believe that for the planet it’s so much better to buy second hand clothes as they are almost new. It’s a no brainer for me.’



‘ I am trying to reduce my footprint every day. I am now thinking twice before doing anything with single use cups, bottle, wipes, face masks etc…’ – Virginie Alvarez

The company’s journey towards sustainability doesn’t just end with selling pre owned goods. MWM is proud to partner with eco dry cleaning company Blanc. ‘Buying second hand is clearly about sustainability. I wanted to have a dry cleaning partner who actually cares too.’ The Award Winning cleaning company, based across several London locations is proud to offer non toxic cleaning services. MWM also takes care when packaging purchases. ‘We try to reuse the boxes, the paper etc. The amount of paper wasted in wrapping is inconceivable!’ Virginie is proud to say they are working hard to do better. As attested on the website, ‘We keep things beautifully simple to reduce our carbon footprint without taking anything away from the customer experience.’

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