Lingerie to make you feel great

Image: Everlane

These days lingerie is a very empowering affair. Women are taking control of their underwear, how it’s made and how it’s sold. We have put together our favourite pieces of lingerie that will make you feel great.

For a long time, lingerie was a touchy subject. Not least because the imagery shown to women never really resonated with us. For those of us that don’t look like Victoria Secret Model’s, shopping for underwear was painful to say the least. What if you just wanted a comfortable bra made from sustainable fabrics that fitted properly? This wasn’t always an easy brief to fill – pun intended.

Thankfully, brands have taken notice. Now comfort and substance are key. So this Valentine’s day, don’t wait to be treated. Treat yourself to some great feeling underwear that empowers you and the women who make it. And the best part is you can choose from pretty prints, soft silks, cosy cottons and everything in between.

Lingerie To Make you Feel Great

Chia Bralette, £96Chia Briefs, £40, Christina Leonor at Reve en Vert

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