Weekly Offline Moment: Skin Food

Welcome to your weekly offline moment, where we explore different ways to quieten your mind by taking you offline and back to real life. Our hectic modern lives are increasingly dominated by screens, and as a digital company we know first hand how tough it can be to take a break from that addictive bluish glow.

Skin Food

From one of our favourite skincare brands, Sister & Co Skin Food, comes a book of beautiful but simple skincare recipes. Since founding the brand, Sophie Thompson has extolled the benefits of natural ingredients while also tailoring your skincare routine to suit your needs. She believes in the power of natural first, without using synthetic preservatives or fillers.

We’ve always loved the easy to follow skincare recipes that she posts on Instagram, allowing us to follow along at home using ingredients in our kitchen. They are so popular that Sophie has created this beautiful book, Skin Food, to share her recipes and her knowledge. As well as 70 skincare recipes, there are also helpful tips on how to use the formulas and details about the various properties of the ingredients you are using.

Skin Food by Sophie Thompson, £12.99

Make your own skincare products to enjoy

Why not devote an evening to making your own skincare formulas? First start by taking a moment to look at your skin and decide what it needs. Has the recent cold weather left it feeling dry and tight? Have you had a tiring week and is your skin showing signs of fatigue? Now choose a recipe to help your specific concern. Spend some time making your chosen product, enjoying the scents, colours and textures. Now for the best part, light some candles (for candle ideas click here), lock the bathroom door and enjoy the fruits of your labours. We promise you will see benefits from using Sophie’s natural mixtures, while enjoying the mindful process of making and using your own skincare products.

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