Organic Underwear Brands

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Your skin deserves the best, so give your most intimate areas the fabric it loves. These are our favourite organic cotton underwear brands.

As we find ourselves in Organic September again, we have been thinking hard about wardrobe basics. What better way to reconsider your closet than swapping fast fashion underwear for organic ones? They’re literally the first thing you put on, and you wear them all day, close to sensitive skin. Choosing a breathable fabric is key to regulating your skin’s health and your bodies temperature. Cotton is the most obvious and popular fabric for underwear. With a resistant but soft texture, it’s made from fluffy cream-coloured cotton balls.

Organic Underwear Brands Organic Basics

Whats the Difference Between Cotton And Organic Cotton

To analyse how regular cotton is sourced, it often starts with GMO or genetically modified seeds. They are modified to build resistance to bugs and pests and to grow rapidly. However when the bugs become stronger, more pesticides are required. You can find out more about the pitfalls of non organic cotton growing here. It is also an incredibly thirsty plant, relying on a lot of water, and often decimating the land it is grown on. Organic cotton is instead grown using natural, non GMO seeds, and without the use of harmful pesticides. Soil health is prioritised and less water is needed. So where can you get your hands on organic cotton undies? We have rounded up our favourite brands providing you with the best organic underwear. 

Organic Underwear Brands

Elliot Organics 

Elliot Organics has created the finest organic and sustainable underwear. From luxurious camis and French knickers to super soft lingerie and nightwear, Elliot combines premium organic fabrics with understated style and beautiful detailing. Sticking to a monochrome palette, the range is uncomplicated, meaning there’s something for everyone. All their fabrics have been manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals and dyes, and their commitment to sustainable production has been awarded by Sublime Magazine with their Good Brand Award for 2020. ‘In Recognition of Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability’, the prize has been assigned to Elliot as they consistently work to raise awareness of current environmental and social issues. 

Organic Underwear Brands Elliot Organics
Organic Underwear Brands Lé Buns


 LÉ BUNS is an Australian female founded company that provides you great, flattering design and smarter choices for the environment. They only use natural, organic and regenerated luxurious fibres. The pieces are specifically designed to enhance the beauty of your body shape. They’re comfy but also feminine, minimal essentials. The entire production cycle causes as little impact as possible. Lé Buns visit their ethically run factories often, and each factory is given a compliance audit to ensure best practice factors are met. Such as fair wages, reasonable hours and a safe working environment. They have eliminated any unnecessary packaging, and online orders are packed in a biodegradable box made of recycled paper or home compost grade mailer bags. A wash bag is included for free in your purchase, to take better care of your underwear – and make it last longer!

The Nude Label

Sometimes organic cotton can be a specialist fabric to find, meaning that some brands don’t cater to a wide range of sizes and shapes. The Nude Label is specifically designed to be for everyone, not just slim models. They use GOTS certified cotton to create comfy, practical intimates. With a beautiful colour range, there are lots of shapes to choose from. All designed to be flattering, but above all else, comfortable. The Nude Label is proud to be handmade and designed in Spain. By using a local factory they have complete control over the final product. The brand is transparent about its factory and the people that work there. No one should suffer for your VPL!

Organic Underwear Brands The Nude Label
Organic Underwear Brands Organic Basics

Organic Basics

At Organic Basics, they only work with trusted, certified factory partners that have the same sustainable vision as them. As well as this they are working to continuously reduce their environmental footprint. These factories also ensure that the workplaces are free of child and forced labour. Their workers enjoy a safe working space, are paid a living wage and are offered employee perks like free lunches and childcare. OB work with the finest organic cotton available, it’s good to the environment and to your skin. On their low impact website (if you didn’t know, data transfer requires electricity, which creates carbon emissions — and this leads to climate change) you can visit all their factories, and read their inspiring 2019 Impact Report.


In an era of fast fashion, Sloanie concentrates on making long-lasting underwear. Afterall, they’re “the first thing you put on, and the last thing you take off”. If you sleep in your undies too, then “make that almost your entire life”. It then comes as no surprise that your underwear shouldn’t be an afterthought. The fibres used are super-soft and produced from responsibly managed forests in Austria and across Europe by an industry-leading sustainable fibre manufacturer (their factories are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation). Sloanies have built a supply chain that has sustainability and ethical production woven through each stage. They use organic TENCEL™ Modal fibres, made from cellulose found in Austrian beech trees. It’s a biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable wood sources. Inspired by the circular nature of the ecological cycle of trees, their closed loop process is low-carbon and minimises energy usage, wastewater resource intensity and harmful emissions. When it’s time to retire your undies their TENCEL™ Modal fibres will biodegrade, returning to the natural cycle from which they originated.

Organic Underwear Brands Sloanie

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