Back to Basics: Pendant Necklaces

Image: Alighieri

As part of our weekly Back to Basics series, we are shining a spotlight on great wardrobe staples that are made to last. Because timeless basics are the most sustainable pieces you can buy.

When we think about the pieces of jewellery work hardest in our collections, we always come back to the pendant necklace. Simply because the easy shape seems to go with everything. It’s also a wonderful way to wear pendants and charms that are important to you on a daily basis. We love the flexibility of buying chains and pendants seperately, allowing the wearer to mix and match to suit your tastes. For those of us that simply can’t make up our minds, we wear multiple pendants on one necklace. Brands like Missoma have bought the medallion pendant back into the spotlight for 2018, but there are all sorts of styles out there to suit everyone.

Tips on Trend Led Dressing:

Layer your pendants over a roll neck or your favourite sweater for day or over a beautiful slip dress for evening. Gold is a popular choice right now but we say wear whichever metal you prefer.

Tips on Caring for your Pendant Necklace:

  • It’s important to store them carefully so they don’t become tangled or tarnished. Use the little bags that your jewellery comes in or pieces of tissue to ensure they stay looking their best.
  • Have your pieces cleaned once a year by a professional, ask your jeweller for tips on the best places to do this.
  • Use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove any sticky grime.
  • Use silver polish for silver pieces, and a cleaning cloth for all other metals.
  • Put jewellery on after applying perfume to avoid the alcohol tarnishing the metal plating.
  • Remove your jewelry when showering, swimming or doing the household cleaning.

Best Pendant Necklaces

From the Moon Phase collection, this piece is handcrafted using Pascale James’ signature Orogenisis texture.  The necklace is made from recycled silver and plated with 22ct gold vermeil.
Part of the Empowerment collection, this ancient symbol of Protection is a reassuring talisman to wear. Created from fairmined silver, its chunky without being too heavy.
Another pendant that draws on the power of talismans, this delicate pendant from Tiny Om is crafted from rose gold and peridot. The Anahata chakra lotus represents the divine qaulities of the heart.
Inspired by ancient coins, this beautifully crafted piece features The Dancer found on The World Tarot cards. We would wear this necklace layered over a plain black knit for maximum impact.
Available exclusively from Matches Fashion, the zodiacs are reimagined on coins and hand crafted in the UK. The delicate Gemini design is beautifully elegant.

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