Style With Substance S2 Ep13: Championing African Brands In A Western Market

Image: Made51 at Akojo Market / Photographer U. Litscher

Akojo Market are amplifying the voices of African artisans and ethical brands to give them access to a lucrative Western market. We speak to co founder Natasha Buchler to find out more.

Series Two, Episode Thirteen

Style With Substance Podcast Championing African Brands In A Western Market Akojo Market Natasha Buchler

An Online Marketplace With A Difference

Natacha Buchler is the Co Founder of Akojo Market, founded in 2019 with Annie Rudnick. Akojo Market is an E-commerce platform championing independent and ethical brands across Africa and the diaspora. It acts as a tech enabler, providing direct routes to market for brands and makers, bridging the gap between designers and a possible customer base in the West. Since launching last year, they now have 40 brands on the platform ranging from fashion and jewellery to homewares and beauty. Natasha and Annie are passionate about creating a unique retail experience. They are passing the mic to incredible brands, rooted in sustainability and ethics. Brands that are merely lacking a springboard to new customers. It’s all about the stories and the makers.

Style With Substance Podcast Championing African Brands In A Western Market Akojo Market Organic Savannah

Image: Organic Savanna

Building Awareness of African design and craftmanship

Natasha makes it clear that this isn’t about appropriation, the brands are very much in control. Instead it’s about building an awareness and appreciation of people who live a fundamentally sustainable lifestyle.  However they have been forced away from this natural path because of a Western appetite for fast fashion and disregard for waste. Akojo Market places a huge  importance on financial independence too. Their innovative impact tracker shows us that it’s not just a worker who benefits from fair pay and working conditions, but their many dependents too. Colonialism and Western style capitalism took agency away from these people, Akojo Market are putting it back in their hands.

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