Blue Light Exposure: How To Protect Yourself

Blue light is now understood to be a cause of dry eyes, insomnia and prematurely ageing skin. We have discovered the best products to minimise your exposure to blue light and tips on how to protect yourself.

Raise your hand if you spend a large part of your day in front of a screen. Be it your laptop, phone or yes even the sun, the blue light emitted can be very damaging to our skin and our eyes. It even plays havoc with our sleep. But what is blue light? Of the spectrum of light waves emitted by the sun that our eyes can detect, the blue ones are shorter so they get reflected and bounced around most by the molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. For the same reason, that’s why the sky is blue! LED screens and lamps give off more blue light than natural light sources. Exposure can cause bleary eyes, insomnia and fatigue. Ed Bird, Co Founder of Bird eyewear advocates the use of blue light blocking glasses. “Over consumption (of blue light) can leave our eyes feeling strained, and our minds fatigued. Wearing lenses that filter the higher energy blue light can help you concentrate and feel more relaxed at the end of each day,” he told us. Bird offer stylish glasses with blue light blocking lenses, even if you don’t need a prescription.

Blue light exposure can also irritate and discolour skin as well as speed up the ageing process. We have gathered the best products to protect your light balance; from blue light shield protections for the laptop and phone, glasses, UVA filtering serums and mists. We also have more tips on how to sleep better here.

How To Protect Yourself From Blue Light

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