Facial Massage Tools For Glowing Skin

Facial Massage is an ancient technique, used by professionals and novices alike to achieve beautiful skin. Don’t worry if you’re all fingers and thumbs, try these facial massage tools for glowing skin.

If you have ever treated yourself to a facial, you’ll likely notice that massage plays a large part in the treatment. This is because massage is widely credited with improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating the flow of nutrients to your skin. Your lymph nodes, located beneath your ears and on your neck can become blocked leading to puffy and lacklustre looking skin. Therefore by stimulating these nodes, proper lymphatic drainage is encouraged, leaving your face looking firmer. Additionally, stimulating the blood flow around your face, specifically to muscles, means that oxygen can get to your cells, allowing them to rejuvenate quicker. Trust us, it’s so much better than injectables. 

Another benefit of facial massage is the lessening of tension in your muscles. Many of us carry tension in our face. It could be in our brows, jaws or necks but eventually this tension becomes visible. If you want to visit a professional, Face Gym in London offers incredible massages, you can read our review here. At home, there are of course several methods that can be applied using only your hands. However if you want to invest in a tool to make the process easier, we have put together a few of our favourite facial massage tools to help you get amazing results.

The Vendeur Beauty Tip

To see results, it’s worth incorporating massage into your routine regularly, a few minutes a night if you can. Use a rich oil that isn’t easily absorbed to help the tool glide across your skin. Or mix together a few favourites to provide a really nourishing experience. For our favourite Facial Oils, head to our guide here. Pat the oil onto your neck and face using your palms, then begin to massage. Whichever tool you use, it’s important to warm up your neck muscles first by massaging upwards in sweeping motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Do this before you massage your face and end with downward strokes once you have finished your massage to release any puffiness.

Facial Massage Tools For Glowing Skin

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