What to wear to work after lockdown

Image: Dai

As many of us return to the office in some capacity, you might be thinking of updating your work wardrobe. But what should we wear to work after lockdown? We’ve found some exciting sustainable, vegan and adaptive brands for all your workwear needs.

Who could have anticipated that we would be thrilled to go back to the office? Maybe you’re even a little excited by the thought of your commute? Theres nothing like getting dressed in the morning for meetings to make you feel a bit more normal. We may have expanded our notion of productivity while we worked from home but at the same time, we’re happy to put our sweatpants to one side. Lets welcome back blazers, suits, and dresses that make you feel fabulous. However this season, the emphasis is on comfort whilst still looking professional. If you’re looking for some more sustainable or impact driven workwear brands then we have found the perfect options to compliment any wardrobe.


Are you afraid you’ll miss the comfort of your WFH outfits? Eight years into her investment banking career, Joanna Dai wanted to craft workwear that ‘feels like yogawear and still looks like a power suit’. All the while combining timeless designs with performance, versatility and function. At Dai Wear, they use performance 4-way stretch, machine washable, wrinkle-resistant fabrics to craft “the most comfortable clothes in the world”. Recently they achieved a Certified B Corporation status, joining the global community of companies reinventing business as a powerful force for good. 88% of their textiles are eco-certified, as they’re tested to be chemically safe on your skin. 72% of their suppliers are powered using renewable energy sources, and they offset carbon on 100% of their shipments.

What to wear to work after lockdown Dai Wear
What to wear to work after lockdown Unhidden Adaptive clothing


 Unhidden was founded in 2017 by Victoria Jenkins, Dougie Thoms and Tam Malley. Victoria worked predominantly as a garment technologist, but in 2012, she fell seriously ill and has spent the last 8 years being diagnosed with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions that put her in the Disability community. During one of her hospital stays, she met a fellow patient who inspired her to create garments that would provide dignity, comfort and style. This fellow patient had so many tubes and a colostomy bag on her body that she had to strip off so the doctors could assess her and then spent the day in clothing that hurt or impeded her movement. Victoria is committed to not contributing to pollution or landfill as the fashion industry so famously does. Unhidden’s launch collection is made to order and uses deadstock cloth, leftover fabric from other companies who ordered excess amounts that went unused. Unhidden will also offer adaptive alterations as soon as possible!

JPL Atelier

JPL Atelier site their muse as being Mother Earth, so it makes complete sense that their primary focus is to champion women. The exquisite collections feature chic basics like vegan leather skirts, silk camis crafted from RPET water bottles and their organic cotton crisp white t-shirtsAs well as this they provide a fully transparent supply chain and certified fabrics and materials, fair trade, local production, and animal protection. They use ethical, socially responsible practices and recycled, up-cycled, and always-vegan materials. All of their main collection pieces are PETA approved! Every piece is handcrafted by women in a London based studio. JPL Atelier make sure that employees are treated equally and fairly, receiving a fair wage.

What to wear to work after lockdown JPL Atelier
What to wear to work after lockdown Bozena Jankowska

Bozena Jonkowska

The London based label was set up by founder and creative director Bozena Jankowska. Driven by her passion for sustainability, initially the label started focusing on small capsule collections that were inspired by and told the story of critical social and environmental issues. Bozena shifted the focus of the label to offering just beautifully crafted blazers. Each can be personalised to create a completely unique look for the wearer, and Bozena sources unique end of production and vintage fabrics and buttons. The vintage materials are often available in limited quantities meaning each piece is a one-off. Of course this is always a plus when you want to be remembered at work! They base their manufacturing in London and Europe, working with production studios who share their sustainability values and paying them a skilled, fair wage.

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Since its inception, South African fashion and lifestyle brand Lunar have strived to create clothing as natural as possible, both in fabric and design. Their simple but well tailored dresses can be dressed up or down depending on your place of work. If you simply like to be remembered for your impeccable style, then Lunar is the brand for you. As a responsible brand, Lunar upholds the importance of fair trade and provides decent working conditions for their employees. They also recognise the significance of sustainable business practices and the value of empowering local crafters and artists. Constantly inspired by nature and the African landscape, Lunar does its best to try to preserve it. Wherever possible, Lunar also make use of natural fibres and pigment dyes.

IntiS A Sustainable Virtual Marketplace:The Maiyet Collective
What to wear to work after lockdown The Array

The Array

THE ARRAY finds its inspiration in the evolving landscape of women’s workwear and the soft power it represented in today’s workplace. Its founders Yvonne Lim and Shaonan Xu started their creative process with extensive research, including an online survey and a series of personal interviews with working women. They began with an careful edit of garments that were most relevant to the contemporary woman with a combination of both workwear classics and new essentials. They choose to work with luxurious, natural fabrics. Like their luxury Italian travel suit which is sourced from a heritage wool mill in Northern Italy, with strict ethical working codes. Or their cotton twill which comes from the British heritage shirting label Thomas Mason. The family-owned mill is part of the Better Cotton initiative and guarantees the traceability of every fabric they produce along with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure the absence of toxic chemicals in its products.


 Acephala is a Warsaw-based brand founded in 2014 by the duo Monika Kędziora and Bartek Korzeniowski. It’s a conceptual brand with a feminist mission and sustainable approach. They create tailored pieces with experimental proportions and witty detailing. So if you’re looking to make a statement at work, these guys are worth a look. A sustainable approach to fashion design is integral to Acephala. They are committed to leading a sustainable approach to clothes’ production, and every season they bring new solutions towards sustainability. The core of their collections is made of organic cotton, wools and recycled textiles. Their production is based in Poland, collaborating with local highly qualified craftspeople.

What to wear to work after lockdown Acephala

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