Best Active Swimsuits

Image: Davy J

If you take your watersports seriously, then you need serious swimwear. Whether you’re swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding, here are our favourite active swimsuits for those of you that need practicality without sacrificing style.

Lets face it, when you’re swimming, or doing any water based activity, you need to rely on your swimwear. A string bikini simply won’t cut it. Stella McCartney’s range for Adidas is built for serious swimmers. Thick straps and crossover styles ensure you feel strapped in. For added support, we love Deakin & Blue’s range of one pieces. They have clever mesh panels that elongate and support your body. Plus they cater to a variety of body and bust sizes. Davy J hide a little rubber edging in each suit to ensure that it stays in place whatever you subject it to. Many of the below styles also contain UV protection too, giving you one less thing to worry about. However, don’t forget the rest of your body. For tips on the best sunscreens, head to our helpful article.

Caring For Your Swimsuit

You’ve carefully selected the best fitting suit for your needs so you don’t want to be replacing it any time soon right? Whilst many of these styles are made from durable Econyl or Repreve fabrics, its important to treat them with care. Salt water and chlorine can damage the fabric so make sure to wash them after use. Cold water washing by hand is preferable. You can pop them on a cool wash in the washing machine. However, make sure to use a Guppy Friend Washing Bag to prevent the micro plastics from the fabrics entering the water. Allow them to air dry as the heat of tumble drying can degrade the fibres. If drying outside, avoid direct sunlight as again this can degrade the fibres and fade the colour.

Best Active Swimsuits

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