Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Image: Tove Studio

Basics don’t have to be basic. We’ve found 6 of the best brands who offer polished and timeless clothes for your capsule wardrobe. After all, the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own.

The most sustainable pieces are the ones already in your wardrobe. They tend not to be the pieces that are ‘trendy’, badly made or purchased on a whim at 2am post break up. They are instead considered purchases, basics that you pull out again and again because they are so timeless. However it’s also important that these pieces are well made. Something that only lasts for one season isn’t likely to be reworn if it’s falling apart or missing a button. Similarly, your capsule wardrobe should be considerate of fabrics. Natural fabrics that are gentle on the environment and can be recycled or biodegrade are definitely where its at. We have found the perfect polished basics for your capsule wardrobe, that also consider the environment. These fabrics are hard wearing and long lasting, making them both timeless and sustainable.

Polised Basics For Your Capsule Wardrobe


Amsterdam based CAES offers minimal collections with only the pieces you need. Through their sustainable manufacturing in Europe, the label seeks to create perfect bases for your style. The pieces are easy to layer and style with your existing wardrobe. From the new VEGEA ™ trousers to the ankle length white dress made from lyocell, CAES doesn’t shy away from high eco textile standards. We particularly love the limited colour palette, which emerged in Edition 1 and is carried through into the Edition 2 2021 collection. Testament to their core belief of slow fashion, each collection is barely discernible from the last. Instead creator Helen de Kluiver concentrates of pieces you will wear season after season is a multitude of ways.

Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe CAES
Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe Mie Dress


Founded in 2018, Míe is created with the planet in mind. The lifestyle brand offers homewares, soft furnishings and a beautifully simple range of resort womenswear. Their moto is ‘Don’t forget to breath’, a comment on modern life but also our wardrobes. Míe is designed using natural and biodegradable fabrics that won’t inhibit your body’s natural functions. Linen is the fabric of choice for Míe, and if you’ve listened to Series 2, episode 8 of our podcast Style With Substance, you’ll know how eco friendly linen fashion is. The beautiful dresses are made with a lot of care, in order to minimise the amount of waste fabric created. Each small collection is elegant and feminine, and designed to be worn in hot cities like Lagos, where the studio is based. We love that colour is celebrated, with bright hues sitting next to more minimal monochrome tones with ease.

Tove Studio

For those that prefer to grab a dress and run out of the house, knowing they look 100% fabulous, then Tove Studio is a must! Designed by friends Camille Perry and Holly Wright, the brand describes itself as advanced contemporary. They too have adopted a slow mentality to their collections. A minimal colour palette, with occasional splashes of red or cobalt, is paired with flowing shapes and sumptuous fabrics. They favour only the best natural fabrics and everything is made in small batches. As a sustainably focused brand, they are careful not to overproduce, even when they are faced with sellout successes thanks to their dedicated Instagram community and an exclusive partnership with Net-a-Porter.

Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe Tove Studio
Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe Valle & Vik

Valle & Vik

Former model Silje Vallevik’s namesake brand is designed to transcend locations, time and dress codes. Her effortless silk dresses and separates are crafted in small factories to ensure ethical manufacturing practises can be monitored. During lockdown, Silje took the time to re think her brand strategy, which involved reducing stock levels and instead concentrating on carry over styles. These are the pieces that you’ll find at any time of the year, because Silje believes that they can be worn no matter what the season. We love her exquisite silk Cannes Do dresses, available in a variety of colours. Layer them with boots and an oversize knit in winter, or pair with sandals in the summer.

Envelope 1976  

As another seasonless brand, Envelope 1976 is proud to produce only classic and easily styled pieces. Since the beginning, the brand has garnered a following with cool Scandi influencers who adore their flattering and luxurious pieces. Founders Celine Aagaard and Pia Nordskaug believe that each piece should be designed to last, and that you should continue to find new ways to wear it. Their iconic Cannes dress comes with a belt so it can be styled a few ways, but always remaining relevant. Their use of exciting sustainable fabrics like cupro, a post consumer waste cellulose fibre which is also biodegradable demonstrates their commitment to eco friendly design as well as timeless style.

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Polished Basic Brands For Your Capsule Wardrobe We Are Kin

We Are Kin

We Are Kin are not interested in trends or fads. Instead, creator Ngoni Chickwenengere prefers to concentrate on timeless and wearable clothes. Her mission is to reduce your need to buy too many things, by making all of her collections simple and well made. Speaking of well made, We Are Kin is manufactured in London, local to Ngoni’s design studio. Pieces are all made to order meaning less waste. She only works with end of line or organic fabrics, ensuring that she uses only the best she can find. The shapes are long and flowing and We Are Kin aren’t afraid of flattering flourishes like a good old thigh split (eat your heart out Ange). 

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