5 Beauty Products for Autumn

Looking for your new favourite beauty product for Autumn? From fragrance to smarter ageing products, we have your new bathroom shelf favourites all picked out.

Now that Autumn is here it’s time to think about changing the products you use on your skin. It can become dry, red and irritated, this is because the cold weather and wind can have an adverse effect on skin. It’s worth taking the time to sit down and really listen to what your skin is telling you it needs. Is it dry from too much sun and exposure to relentless air con after Summer? Is it oily and in need of toning and refining? Does it simply need a little treat? Here are our five favourite beauty products for Autumn.

Instant Moisture Mist Mini, £12, Sister & Co. Skin Food

Gallinee Body Milk

Doubtless you’ve been seeing a lot of talk in recent months about probiotics and prebiotics. Not just for eating but also for topical application to skin. For those not familiar, probiotic skincare is concerned with our microbiome, the good bacteria and microorganisms that live in harmony in and on your body. The ones on your skin however are under constant attack from outside influences like pollution and chemical laden skin products. This can lead to sensitive skin issues. Enter Gallinee, a French brand created by Marie Drago, a Doctor with 15 years experience. The relatively small range combines a patented mixture of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid to support your skin’s good bacteria and restore its natural pH level. The Body Milk, while not new, is a favourite at The Vendeur HQ. As well as Gallinee’s special formula, it contains antioxidant bogbean and nourishing sweet almond oil to not only soften your skin but to also regenerate cell damage. And boy is it softening! We’re yet to try their facial skincare range but if it’s even half as effective as the Body Milk then we’re totally on board!

Hermetica Source 1

Do you love fragrance but can’t tolerate the irritation of alcohol based perfumes? Hermetica is a digital fragrance company that has developed an innovative alcohol free range of perfumes. Their patented formula scents are created from a mixture of natural ingredients as well as molecular ones. Using a this process allows the top and mid notes to be revealed as soon as it is spritzed onto the skin. So the off putting alcoholic smell that is normally used to carry the scent is no longer an issue. We also love their innovative scent discovery quiz. Being a digital company selling fragrance should be a major stumbling block but Hermetica uses a unique algorithm and the idea of synaesthesia – where the perception of images can stimulate your sense of smell – to find your perfect match. They also offer sample kits so you can be 100% certain in your decision. We like how grown up and unique the scents are. You won’t smell like anyone else, trust us. Add to that the beautiful refillable recycled glass bottles and we are sold.

Freshly Cosmetics Superoxide Dismutase Facial Mist

Having only launched into the UK in July 2018, Freshly Cosmetics was Barcelona’s best kept beauty secret. This is because their innovative range of natural, vegan and cruelty free products are solutions based, meaning they are formulated specifically to tackle real women’s skin concerns. Stress, tiredness and air pollution are all addressed with specific ranges, not to mention their popular Detox packs. New for Autumn is their ground breaking Superoxide Dismutase Facial Mist. Superoxide Dismutase or SOD, is found naturally occurring in the body and has been discovered to be more effective at fighting free radical damage than antioxidants. Add to that lotus concentrate, goji active and malachite rock, making it a pretty potent formula for not only protecting against harmful free radicals but also healing UV damage and evening skin tone. All of this in one handy (recyclable) facial mist? Yes please!

Evolve Superfood 360 Serum

This is a new one on our beauty radar. Evolve is developed and bottled in a small artisan studio in Hertfordshire. Everything is made by hand – each product carries the bottler’s name – in small batches so you can be sure of the freshness of your products. The newest addition to their Age Smarter 360 concept is the Superfood 360 serum. Inside you’ll find sacha inchi peptides, thought to be responsible for helping the ancient Inca’s to live for more than 100 years! What a Superfood! Peruvian maca boosts luminosity and aids cell renewal, while cacay oil is packed with natural retinol and linoleic acid to lock in moisture and form a protective barrier. Sounds greasy right? Wrong, it’s actually very light and quickly absorbed making it a perfect addition to your morning routine. We hate the idea of ‘anti-ageing’ so aging smarter with Evolve seems like a better way to go to us.

Sister & Co. Skin Food Instant Moisture Mist

Ever thought of using a facial mist as a moisturiser? Us neither. Sister & Co. however are proudly at the front of the queue when it comes to alternative ways of thinking about skin care. Created by ex Lawyer Sophie Thompson, Sister & Co. Skin Food is a range of natural skin care products, employing a policy of total transparency. They are more than happy to tell you what’s in your products because they believe that knowledge is power. And when you know that 60% of what you put on your face is absorbed by your skin you’ll want that power too. The new Instant Moisture Mist is carefully formulated to not only tone, but add moisture to your skin. Glycerin produced from non GMO rapeseed oil attracts moisture to your skin, while organic rose water helps it retain that moisture. You won’t find any synthetic preservatives here, instead a radish root preservative is used to keep the product fresh. We spritz it on after a shower to help lock in moisture and prevent skin from drying out. Follow with your favourite serum or oil.

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