Treating Hair Loss Consciously

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While still a taboo subject among women, hair loss is a fairly common issue. But how can you treat your problem hair without using harsh, unknown chemicals. We spoke to CENTRED about treating hair loss consciously. 

It’s time to open up about hair loss. In 2018 after a few particularly stressful months Laura Tudor Founder of honest hair wellness brand CENTRED, experienced first hand the physical effects of stress on her body, her hair began to dramatically fall out.  

She is not alone. It is reported that 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they reach 40.* Even though she is married to an award-winning hairdresser, Laura struggled to find definitive advice around hair loss. Even harder to find was  a high performing natural, vegan and cruelty free hair collection with high standards of sustainability. So the couple began their mission of creating a hair care range that had all those values at its core, with clear supportive help and guidance for those struggling with hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Our hair and skin outwardly reflect what’s going on inside. The biochemistry in our body changes under stress and over time interferes with the normal functioning of our body. Hair growth is a process of cell rejuvenation that is disrupted when our bodies are under stress. This is emotional stress rather than physical and when we are exposed to it for long periods of time it begins to take its toll.

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes it can be more than one so it’s important to get to the bottom of the root cause in order to treat it.  Another leading cause is poor nutrition. We tend to think of ourselves in the West as having a ‘good’ diet. However in order for the body to gain all the correct nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for normal bodily function, including hair growth, skin renewal and nail strength, a wide range of whole foods must be consumed. With a growing number of people turning to plant based diets, there has been an increase in younger people suffering from hair loss, there is a link. This is mainly due to certain key nutrients  missing from people’s diets. In some cases, despite its title of ‘plant based’, ironically not many plants are being consumed at all. (For some immune system boosting tips, head to our wellness article.)

Can Nutrition Fix Hair Loss?

It is hard in modern life to find enough hours in the day to cook and consume healthy whole foods on a regular enough basis to ensure we get all of the right nutrients our body needs. This is why creating a vegan friendly food supplement, Tender Love and Hair, was so important for Laura. Working with a leading nutritionist she set out to formulate a food supplement that would provide all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote healthy hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails. It would also help to boost energy levels, enhance mood and support the immune system. Nourishing the body correctly is vital for healthy hair growth and what the brand are keen to share is the first and most important steps towards recovering hair are mindset and nutrition.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

 CENTRED very much believe that by addressing wellness they can improve ‘preventative health’ too. Prevention is better than cure, Laura wants to help others on their journey to healthier hair. “We are doing that by shining a light on ‘Great Hair Starts With Self Care’. It’s one of our main brand messages, which is a message that means more than just improving hair health,” she told us. She is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing and find balance in their lives. This can start with small changes like bringing awareness into their hair care routine. Taking a holistic approach to hair loss is the only way to truly recover not only our hair’s health but our general mental and emotional health too. All of these things are connected. If we don’t do that we are really just treating the symptoms of hair loss.

Treating Hair Loss With Hair Care

Laura designed and formulated the CENTRED range with her husband, expert Hair Stylist and Creative Director for the brand, Kieran Tudor. The couple spent 12 months fine tuning the range designed to be used as a full routine to help nourish the body to grow healthy hair from the inside out whilst repairing damaged hair from the outside in. With their support and expert guidance, CENTRED is there for their community to help those in need find balance and discover hair wellness. The collection consists of a sulphate free shampoo and a high performance conditioner, both gentle enough to use daily. For extra protection, the Unwind Detangling Primer spray is rich in vitamins. However the star of the show has to be the En-Root Detoxifying Scalp Treatment. A blend of powerful, detoxifying oils replenishes stressed out scalps. But don’t worry, it’s specifically formulated to be washed away by water so you won’t be left with greasy tresses.

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But Put The Planet First

CENTRED have a huge focus on transparency and sustainability, both topics that are very close to Founder Laura’s heart. Laura started the company with a grass roots attitude. She visited recycling and waste plants to understand the lifecycle of a product and where the product packaging goes after it has been used. After a lot of research Laura found that the most sustainable option was using a post consumer recycled PET the most universally recycled plastic – making it the easiest packaging for the consumer to recycle. Every element of her brand has been carefully considered to be as sustainable as possible, “We believe in a circular economy, our mantra is, reduce, reuse, refill and recycle.”

Laura told us that, “there is a lot of greenwashing within the beauty industry, with so many brands claiming to be ‘sustainable’ but in fact – sustainable meaning to maintain isn’t good enough anymore. We need to change our consumption habits. I believe that it is our responsibility as a brand to make it as clear and as easy as possible for the end user to recycle our packaging. Within the UK alone our recycling requirements change from borough to borough it is almost impossible for the customer to know how to recycle difficult to recycle components.” 

The impact of Covid-19 has meant that we as a human race have HAD to slow down and have begun to take note of what we are consuming. “I feel really positive that going forward there will be a wave of conscious consumption. My hope is that we as a company can not only empower our customer but also inspire change,” Laura explained.

The message is simple from CENTRED, they aim to be inclusive, supportive and transparent with their customer. All the while constantly looking for ways to not only help their community with hair loss problems but also to find better solutions for sustainability as they become available to us.

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