Beauty Review: Bamford Haybarn Spa

Sleep is an often overlooked area of health and wellbeing. But that’s all about to change as we review the new b Silent treatment now available from the Bamford Haybarn Spa in London’s Brompton Cross.

The newly opened Bamford Haybarn Spa is situated on a busy shopping street in Kensington, London, looking suspiciously like any normal shop front. Step inside however and the atmosphere changes immediately. Yes you can browse and purchase from Bamford’s exclusive selection of organic fashion and beauty. You can also enjoy a cup of their herbal tea at the Tea Station. But the real magic is found behind a door at the rear of the shop. A sunbathed stairway scattered with green plants reveals a light and airy Yoga studio upstairs, and treatment rooms downstairs.

b Silent Treatment

Due to the daily stimulations of hectic work, home life and screens, getting a full nights sleep is tough. We all know that sleep is important to our overall mental and physical wellbeing but getting 8 hours a night can sometimes seem an impossible task. Bamford’s new b Silent Treatment, in tandem with it’s b Silent range of products, aims to relax your body and prepare it for restful sleep.

Once the door to the treatment room is closed, all outside noise is forgotten. After changing into a delightfully fluffy bathrobe, your feet are gently bathed to begin the process of deep relaxation. This is followed by a stress relieving Shiatsu back massage using the b Silent body oil and some light, assisted stretching of leg muscles. These actions help to loosen tight hips, unlock the lower back and gently rotate the spine. Anyone who spends their time predominately sat at a desk will feel immediate benefits as tension and stiffness is lifted away.

Next, a massage of the neck and shoulders helps to unwind tense muscles and relieve stress that tends to build up in these areas. This is crucial as chronic stress is often the main reason we cannot sleep well. With your body now totally relaxed, finally the b Silent temple balm is applied to your forehead and temples. The scent combination of cannabis sativa and poppy seed oils have been developed with aromatherapists to ease your body and mind into a deep and restful sleep.

The Verdict

The atmosphere of the new space is unrivalled. With soft lighting and the elimination of city noise I felt instantly at peace as soon as I stepped inside. After the treatment my body felt lighter. The familiar tensions in my shoulders, lower back and sciatic area were almost completely removed. The powerful blends of the b Silent oils helped the experience to feel deeply relaxing and satisfying. I couldn’t wait to get home to bed and close my eyes. (When I did I was rewarded with the best night’s sleep I’d had in weeks!) This treatment is a must for an end of the day treat to eliminate stress and ensure a night of undisturbed sleep. 

b Silent Treatment £120, available at Bamford Haybarn Spa Brompton Cross

By Lucy Kebbell



Disclaimer: The Vendeur experienced the b Silent Treatment at Bamford’s Haybarn Spa for no payment. We were under no obligation to review the treatment positively.