Stylish Sustainable Ski Wear

If you’re heading away for a Wintery escape, you’ll want to look professional on the slopes. Ski wear has a great offering of sustainable alternatives to awful goose down and synthetic forms of insulation. Here is our run down of the best stylish sustainable ski wear.

Sustainable ski wear? Yes, it does exist! There are plenty of options you can choose from, and without having to go for the 80s questionable pattern ski suit. Although if thats your thing then you do you! From our beloved Sheep inc. sweater, those adorable Ganni winter boots and recycled polyester for the best insulated ski pants, you’ll look (ethically) amazing. However if skiing is something you don’t do often, and you don’t fancy the expensive outlay, then why not rent? By Rotation already have some tres chic options which will have you feeling like Audrey Hepburn on the slopes in no time.

Image: @byrotationofficial

Stylish Ski Wear

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