How To Take Care of Outerwear

Take care of your coats and they will take care of you. From cleaning and storing, to handy at home tips, we explain how to take care of your outerwear.

We recently had it in front of our eyes: multi award nominee Joaquin Phoenix, in his stunning Stella McCartney tuxedo (couldn’t be a better ambassador for the brand), has vowed to re-purpose his Golden Globes tuxedo. The star has pledged to wear the tux to other awards ceremonies instead of wearing a brand new one each time. It’s a clever idea we’re obviously rooting for. A fresh perspective from the otherwise unsustainable, ‘wear it once’ red carpet looks. But even when you’re loyal to your favourite outerwear, is it the only or best solution for a sustainable approach? How can you make such an investment piece last? The first, underrated, sustainable choice is to choose a design you know won’t go out of fashion. The second to invest in quality. Some vintage coats from the 50s look as modern as a contemporary one from Max Mara, and that’s a good thing.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Coats and jackets are often as delicate as they are expensive. That’s a good reason to care for them and to make them last. They’re also the first item of clothing that other people see us wearing, especially in the colder months. You only need a few easy precautions to have them look as perfect as when you bought them! Which means you will only buy a new one because you want to renovate your look rather than because your older one is falling apart. Here at The Vendeur, we have collected precious advice on how to take care of them and wash them – the environment-friendly way. You’ll look impeccable, without doing any harm to our beloved planet. 

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How To Correctly Store Your Outerwear

One first step to making your wool coat look fresh is to brush it after every use: a simple clothes brush is enough. It sounds like a lot of effort but trust us; it will make such a difference. When you’re hanging it back in the closet, keep in mind to use a hanger that is large and robust enough. Otherwise, the sleeves and the shoulders will end up warped from their own weight. At the same time, make sure to empty your pockets at the end of the day as excess weight can deform them easily too.

As we just mentioned, having a clean coat is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to wash it frequently as soon as you see a small stain. For a little inconvenience, a bit of cold or mineral water will be enough! If the coat has been in the rain, make sure to leave it hanging in a dry place before storing it. When you need to wash your coat, jacket or parka – especially after the cold season – you can use a delicate program on your washing machine at a low temperature. Use a plant based organic detergent and air dry it. Using a tumble dryer will deteriorate the fabric and will be unnecessarily energy consuming.

What About Leather and Suede Jackets?

When it comes to your leather jacket, you also should make sure not to deform it and to keep it dry and clean. But in this case, as you would do with a pair of leather shoes, you should also use a leather conditioner, as leather tends to loose moisture. If your jacket is suede, you can use a brass wire brush or a stronger actual suede brush, to refresh it. In both cases, avoid storing them in the sunlight, as it can damage their original colour. If you’re using a cleaning product on them, try it first on a small hidden area and see the fabric reacts. This way you will avoid any unpleasant suprises. 

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Eco Dry Cleaning

If you feel like your coat needs a deeper cleaning, bear in mind that 85% of traditional dry-cleaners use a solvent called perchloroethylene (known as ‘perc’), which allows them to clean embellished garments and fabrics that don’t react well to water. However perc is not good for the environment or the health of those who work with it. This is where Blanc, comes in. A cleaning company that is “delivering a healthier, better quality and alternative to dry cleaning”. They also stock a range of great natural products to take care of your clothes (see below). Your coat will look just as you bought it and when asked “Is it new?” no one will believe its not. 

Clothing Care Products We Love

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