February Newsletter

Image Credit: Fenton x Papier 

This month we’re keeping our spirits up in lockdown by dreaming of Spring days outside. Join us for a look at what February has to offer. From new releases to meditations on classics.

The weather might not be great but does that matter when your stuck at home? Feeling a loss of connection and community is normal, so we’ll be joining Aardes new initiative to help keep us creative this lockdown. A few drops of a homeopathic remedy can also help to shake the cobwebs off. We’re also looking at investments in our wardrobe, like a great white shirt or a personalised Zodiac pendant for Spring, when it eventually arrives.

Zodiac Necklaces

Add a personal touch to your look with a zodiac necklace. We love this selection of pieces, each with it’s own personality. They also make beautiful gifts for those you love.

Reve en Vert Made to Order

British based sustainable online boutique Reve en Vert has launched a game changing new option for their customers. Made to order is arguably the most effective way for a brand to be as close to zero waste as possible. By only manufacturing what customers need, brands can ensure that they aren’t left with surplus stock and waste from manufacturing is minimised. This ultimately means less resources are used and less products end up in landfill or incinerators. Reve en Vert are championing the brands they stock which work in this way, making it easier for customers to make conscious decisions. With everything from jewellery, fashion and homeware, you can make a slower choice with ease.

February Newsletter Reve en Vert Made to Order Hamaji Dress
February Newsletter Aardes Community

Aardes Community

Connection and community have become crucial in the last year. Especially for Creatives, forced by lockdown to work alone, connection is severely lacking. Ethical shirt brand Aardes was founded by Stylist and Creative Director Lauren Franks. Feeling this lack of community, she created Aardes Community. Each month they encourage people to submit a creative piece illustrating a different word. This month ‘Connect’ is inspiring us to explore how we connect with people, in a world where Zoom, social media and Facetime are some peoples only interactions. You can contribute by posting on Instagram and tagging @aardes before February 13th.

White Shirts

A great white shirt is totally timeless, they literally never go out of style. Whether you choose linen, silk or cotton, the way you style it is entirely up to you. We love layering ours below a sleeveless dress or tucking it casually into the front of high waisted trousers.

Fenton x Papier collab

Fenton, our favourite ethically sourced ring company, have teamed up with Papier for a beautiful collaboration. In a celebration of their book ‘Notes on Love’, Fenton’s romantic marbling design has been applied to a stationary collection. Papier only use sustainably sourced paper for their products and everything is made to order, meaning little to no waste. You can choose from a notebook, greeting card and personalised notecards, all in Fenton’s distinctive design. 

Prices from £3.50, available from Papier.com

February Newsletter Fenton x Papier Collection
February Newsletter Berjoan New Collection

Small Sustainable Business Spotlight: Berjoan  

This month’s exciting launch is Berjoan, a slow fashion label founded by designer Charlotte Cameron. Inspired by vintage clothes passed down to her by her Grandmother, Charlotte’s debut range is as considered as it is romantic. She insists on a farm to fabric transparency and is a staunch supporter of British wool. Also showing up in the collection is organic cotton jacquard and buttons made from the nut of the tagua palm tree. We love the easy mix and match feel of the brand and it’s timelessness. 

Homeopathic mood boosters 

The winter months can be tough. You may feel ill more often and generally run down and tired. Add a lockdown and a worldwide pandemic to the mix and it can sometimes be hard to get on with our days. Building up your immune system is a must at this time of the year. But what if you’re feeling a bit down and suffering from the winter blues? We love these homeopathic remedies to give us a natural mood boost to start enjoying our days again.

Ruskin London

When Ruskin founder Alli Abdelal had a chance meeting with a Herdwick sheep farmer in the Lake District, she learnt of the Herdwick flocks ‘at risk’ status and the poor return the farmer often got for the wool. Having roamed freely in the area for around 1000 years, Herdwick sheep are only bought down from the uplands for lambing, dipping and shearing. The latter is crucial for the comfort and welfare of the animals. Ali conceived Ruskin with a mission to showcase this incredible by-product, which is woven in Yorkshire and Italy to create her tweed bags. Conserving this centuries old British tradition is important to Ali, who uses Ruskin to showcase an incredible material with amazing natural properties. Learn more about sustainable wool here.

Quentin in Tweed, £660, Ruskin

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